Former New York City mayor, Guiliani’s recent tirade against President Obama reveals his personal desperation to be relevant.  For, during the aftermath of ‘Sandy’, no one wanted to know what he thought or asked him for any suggestions.  Feeling himself fade from the landscape, he decides to make headlines via an attack against the President.  No one attacked either him or Bush during the aftermath of 911, which was the patriotic response.  Guiliani seems to have forgotten just how well he and President Bush were treated.  His scathing attack is only to divert attention, not towards Romney, but rather towards himself.

       He has the nerve to call President Obama the worst president in history.  Excuse me?  And attacks him for having the worst economy in history?  Uh … what?  Well just in case Guiliani is suffering from a bout of ‘Romnesia‘, here is a possible cure. Facts!  President Bush sent our economy into free fall after his years of failed policies caught up with him.  Two wars that were not paid for at the time, but pushed down the road for later and those tax cuts for the rich ruined everything!  (At the time, on a Friday night, prior  to Obama even being elected, Secretary Polson had an emergency meeting with leaders of Congress on a Friday night, telling them, “If we do not take steps today, we will not have an economy on Monday.”) 

        He then has the audacity to reference the loss of life in Lybia as a reason for the president to resign, again referring to President Obama as the worst president in history.  What?  Okay, Romnesia again.  Alright.  Guiliani forgets about the thousands of military who died and remain injured as the result of the ‘fake‘ reasons for going into Iraq.  Not just fake, but outright lies!  Where was  Guiliani’s feigned outrage when we learned of the lies?  (Crickets.)  

     So when Guiliani attacks our president as being the worst in history, either Romnesia or early dementia onset, must be the reason, because clearly, the worst president in history was Bush #43.


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