People seem to be in awe when listening to Gov. Chris Christie praise President Obama’s handling of the ‘Sandy’ crisis.  There should be no surprise.  The fact is that Christie  loves New Jersey and it’s citizens far more than he does Romney.  And, anyone who wants to help the state t he loves so much will earn his respect and his praise.  He refused to allow FOX news to drag him into a political conversation, and kudos to him for admonishing them for those attempts.  This is not a time for politics or partisanship … people are dying.  Christie responded as a human being instead of how a political robot might respond.  He was afraid for his people, his state, and mourned for the loss of New Jersey’s beloved ‘Jersey shore’.  Those who are in awe, have forgotten just what it means to think of people and country first.  Again, kudos to Christie for speaking the truth and for loving his state and the people in it more than politics.  Kudos to President Obama for dropping everything to do his job as president and for not politicizing the storm or its aftermath.


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