There are rumblings, already, that there may be something already up in Ohio.  The Secretary of State of Ohio seems to have entered the alternative universe of “Romneyville“, possibly under the impression that he is invisible, and what he says or does cannot be seen or heard.  Super powers now ?  He is now purging the rolls of registered voters by the thousands.  It would be helpful now if someone close to him deemed it necessary to obtain immediate psychiatric intervention for him!  He appears to be losing his mind!  Yes, we know, he promised Ohio to Romney.  He fought back against the legal challenges. He lost.  Even the right-leaning U.S. Supreme Court refused to even entertain his foolishness.  So now, he engages in his own personal war against the people’s machine, their right to vote.  Perhaps if a number of people started to contact the justice department, or the Ohio attorney general, then he just might get a grip. 

       If Obama is on the path to victory in Ohio, then that is the will of the people, and the Secretary of State for Ohio should understand, even he only gets one vote.  He doesn’t get to block the votes of those with whom he does not agree.  If he cannot faithfully perform his duties, then, he should either resign, or enter rehab for the delusional insane.


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