Mitt Romney is now being introduced to what pundits named as “Obama’s Army”.  The greatest ground-game in the history of politics and the pioneer of utilization of social media.  The 2008 election of Barack Obama was historic in so many ways, but one way in particular, the people of America decided to take the election into their own hands and elect a person whom pundits and experts declared was “unelectable”.   They took no prisoners and refused to surrender.

     Romney made the mistake of believing that there was an “enthusiasm gap” in the Obama camp. But, now, to his surprise, his supporters, many of whom remained silent during the campaign, are now showing up.  They are showing up at the early voting polls, knocking on doors, making phone calls, volunteering and sending emails.  They are again refusing to surrender via showing up at the polls and standing in line for hours.  No matter how it turns out, Obama’s army will not give in or give up, and Romney/Ryan now know that they are in a fight with serious opposition.   The billions of dollars spent by the Romney supporters could not buy the loyalty of Obama supporters nor quiet their voices.  Their anger over the lies and misrepresentations about President Obama is being voiced via their lines at the polls.

     A strategic army which surfaced only recently, quietly moving in on their opponent, allowing them to lull Romney into a false sense of security to the point of voicing delusional declarations of victory in ‘blue’ states.  Now, that Obama’s army has appeared in full force, Romney ran from Ohio, to another ‘blue’ state, New Hampshire.  I am sure the army was waiting for him upon his arrival. 

      Now within the past few days, Romney has attempted to use Obama’s mantra of ‘change’.  But, his change is not the change for the majority of Americans, it appears that his change seeks to revert to the policies of Bush ’43’ and further enrich the coffers of millionaires, and yes, even billionaires. 

      The introduction may be late, but now appropriate:  “Mitt Romney, meet Obama’s army.”


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