Upon viewing the mansion, (some say castle due to it having a real moat), in which John Schnatter, ( CEO for Papa John), resides, one at once sees the benefits of living in America.  Benefits which include living in a huge mansion which employees make possible.  Benefits which some employees of Papa John’s Pizza may never obtain.   All because of pizza.  Now he wants to raise prices on his pizza, citing healthcare cost related to the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Yet he wants to give away over a million ‘free’ pizzas.  At what price? 

But, now, he says he does not want to pay for health insurance for those employees who have made, and continue to make, his multi-millionaire lifestyle available.   Why?  Because it would cost him approximately 16 cents per employee!  Thinking of those employees who work so hard for him having difficulty getting decent healthcare, suddenly, the thought of lining his pockets even more makes the pizza unappetizing, to say the least.

Apparently, he was banking on a Mitt Romney win to save him from this expense.  Whatever happened to giving back?  He does not actually make the pizzas, (at least not anymore).  Has he thought this through?  Does he realize that a person who cannot go to the doctor, and/or cannot afford to pay for prescriptions, will actually come to work sick?  Infecting not only co-workers, but the pizza as well?  Do the visual, and perhaps, you just might decide that Papa John’s pizza is no longer appetizing.

His disdain for ‘Obamacare’ and/or President Obama moves into the territory of  biting the actual hands that feed the patrons and as well as his own hands.   This is so offensive that many people are now refusing to patronize Papa John’s Pizza.  And, the main consumers of pizza are the young people who voted for Obama, and perhaps even volunteered for him.    

It is difficult to disagree with those who want to boycott the franchise.  Surely another Pizza franchise will welcome those employees who will need to find work after the franchise starts to lose the money the other franchises will rack in.   It is a good idea to boycott greed, even when it comes in what may appear to be a simple little pizza.


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