Ohio’s Secretary of State Husted should be tried for treason.  He attempted to thwart the efforts of the citizens of Ohio to vote in the 2012 election, to the extent he even attempted to find a way around the orders of the court. Why?  It appears he wanted to deliver the votes of Ohio to Mitt Romney on a silver platter by any means necessary.  His motives became clear when he continued to attempt to implement policies which even a right-leaning United States Supreme Court refused to hear.  He still did not get the message.  It was his job to facilitate a means for the citizens of Ohio to register to vote, to cast their vote, and to oversee the process in a fair and impartial manner.  It was not his job to attempt to thwart the votes of those who did not support his political party or the candidate of his choice.

Treason may sound a bit harsh, but at the very least he should be prosecuted for something!   If he had any pride or dignity, he would resign, effective immediately.  If he did so much out in the open, what did he do that could not be seen or audited?  He has betrayed the public trust, and should have the political sense to resign.


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