Has John McCain lost touch with reality?  It appears that his ‘sour grapes’ may just well have taken its toll upon him.  Is he bitter about his loss in the 2008 election?  Possibly. 

He seems to have never recovered from the  loss of his presidential ambitions to President Obama. His attacks upon UN Ambassador Susan Rice, are clearly a thinly-vieled attack upon President Obama.  For McCain is the man who put forth Palin as the person to be a heartbeat away from the presidency! He opines that Ms. Rice is “not too bright”, a clear insult.  This about a woman who is a Rhodes Scholar!

McCain should at some point, stop campaigning and return to governing.  There are many people who do not care what McCain thinks, and his threats to try to block her nomination as Secretary of State are signs of an attempt to remain relevant.  He has left behind his stature as a statesman, and his words should include his resignation, effective immediately.

When confronted with his contradicting comments regarding Condoleeza Rice versus those regarding Susan Rice, his responses remove credibility from any future comment he might make in the future … about anything.   He asserts that four people died in Lybia.  Yet fails to acknowledge that thousands of American troops died due to the misleading comments of not only Condolezza Rice, but President Bush as well.  Susan Rice had nothing to do with Benghazi.  McCain’s assertion that she should have known something that she could not have known, is absolutely ridiculous. 

The fact that he defends confirming Condoleeza Rice is a clear sign of his partisan bias, and his inability to address facts with any measure of reason.  Most people now see him as a bitter old man who has been unable to accept his loss to President Obama.  And, to see the same President win another term in a decisive and overwhelming victory, seems to have had a sad effect upon him.  He should try to retain some remnant of his legacy, and leave Susan Rice alone.   Should he continue with his schoolyard antics,  he will lose what all people saw  in him in the past… his integrity.


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  1. You’re thinking what I’m thinking. I’m embarrassed for John McCain. I wish he would just shut up.


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