Radar Opinion: Is John McCain losing it?

On Friday, former CIA director, General George Petreus,   confirmed that the information given to Ambassador Susan Rice did not contain all of the on-the-ground information.  He was quoted as saying that the declassified data did not have that information for security reasons, and remained  classified.  Susan Rice was quoting exactly what was deemed to be de-classified information, and not her words, but the words of the CIA director.  All’s well, right? Wrong.

Apparently, John McCain was so outdone, that he refused to even apologize to Ms. Rice for his attempt to  besmirch her reputation to the public.  It is being reported that, today on Fox News Sunday, McCain doubled-down on his position without even acknowledging the fact that the Petreus  testimony cleared UN Ambassador Susan Rice of any wrongdoing.   And McCain went a step further, in an effort to support his previous position in opposition to Ms. Rice, he stated he would not support any Secretary of State nominated by the Obama administration!  First, he should have issued a public apology to her, which would have, at least, restored some measure of his credibility.  Secondly, he should not have turned it around towards the Obama administration, for that makes it clear that his position is beyond political.  It appears to be personal.  He appears to still be unable to accept the fact that, once again, President Obama trounced the opposition. More troubling, he seems to be unable to accept the fact that he lost to President Obama and that he missed his one chance to become President.  He should not be angry with President Obama, he did not vote himself in, there was an election, and President Obama won. Is he also angry with the Americans who voted for Obama?  

When Lieberman and other senior Republicans are backing off due to what they learned in Friday’s hearing, while McCain continues, a question begs an answer.  Is the Senator losing it before our very eyes?  Each person can answer that question for themselves as their own opinion, for absent any other information, it remains a question, and not a fact.

It is Radar’s opinion, that, in light of the failure of  Senator John McCain to issue an apology to Ms. Rice, all those who feel she is indeed entitled to an apology, contact the White House (Whitehouse.gov), and let President Obama know that we, as Americans, are sorry she had to endure such a harsh public beating by Senator McCain.  Public sentiments will mean a lot more than Senator McCain’s non-apology.


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