Papa John’s Pizza & Denny’s Walk It Back!

It is being reported that the CEO’s of Papa John & Denny’s  have walked back their threats to punish employees and customers for President Obama’s re-election and for the Affordable Healthcare Act, (Obamacare).  

Papa John’s CEO says his previous comments have been ‘misunderstood’.  And states he will now comply with ‘Obamacare‘.  However, it remains a fact that his true thoughts were spoken until they affected his bottom line due to public backlash.  More likely than not, it will take a lot more to win back those customers who were offended by his comments and his threats. 

Perhaps these two CEO’s realized the 98% or Romney’s 47%  eat a lot more pizza than the top 2% of incomes will ever eat! And others take advantage of Denny’s bargains because of the economy meals. For some, it is not even a choice. Living day-to-day, it is all some can afford, especially those who have no place to live.

It will do them good, in the future, when responding to politics, to remember on which side their bread, (or Pizza), is buttered, and to leave their politics out of their recipes.


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