OPINION: Giving Thanks

      Usually, on Thanksgiving, as is customary, we give thanks for what we have, and our loved ones, which, is what we should do.  But, this year, we can decide to give thanks not only for ourselves but for others. There are many people who impact our lives every day in many ways, who we may never meet or know.   For example, for all the military families whose loved ones returned home.  For those troops who did not return home, we give thanks for their ultimate sacrifice. For cancer survivors and their families.  For all of those children who will no longer be discriminated against because they have a pre-existing medical condition.  For many who are hungry, that, on this day, they will have food via numerous charitable organizations.

    There are so many things to be thankful for that go beyond our own individual lives. We can be thankful that the military fighting in the Middle East has come to a standstill, and, that on this day, no more will die from those hostilities.  

In that way, we can truly appreciate our own lives, not just on a personal basis, but as  citizens of the world.


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