OPINION: The John Mcain ‘Scott Brown’ Connection.Conspiracy?

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN.

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Official portrait of United States Senator Sco...

Official portrait of United States Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    One has to wonder just what has been at the root of  Senator John McCain’s premature objection to Ambassador Susan Rice  being nominated as United States Secretary of State.  His objections came precisely on the heels of President Obama’s re-election … and Senator Scott Brown’s, (R. Mass.), defeat. 

    Rachel Maddow recently opined that the connection between McCain’s public outburst and Scott Brown was a desire to influence President Obama’s nomination decision.    It seems that also on the President’s short list for Secretary of State is none other than Senator John Kerry, (D. Mass.).  For,  should Kerry be nominated, then there would be an opening for a new senator from the state of Massachusetts.  Hence, opening the door for Republican Scott Brown to run for that seat and return to the Senate.  Maddow’s opinion was supported by video showing McCain campaigning for Brown in Scott Brown’s run for re-election, saying the person he wants “most” in the United States Senate .                      

And, not only McCain, but includes, (also on video), Senator Susan Collins, and Senator Oyote, two others who campaigned for Brown, and are suddenly outspoken critics of a nomination of Susan Rice as Secretary of State.  The latter two did not voice any concern until McCain began his chant, they then opted to join the choir.  The loyalties of these senators clearly appears to be with Scott Brown, and not whom the President may deem as the most suitable candidate for the job.  This conspiracy theory seems more based in fact than mere theory.   The real fact remains that Susan Rice is more than qualified.  She has been in the State Department for over 20 years, dating back to the Clinton Administration.  And, in her current position, she spearheaded the building of the coalition of United Nations countries which united to prevent the planned massacre of Lybian civilians in Benghazi by Kadafi.  Ambassador Rice also made the same plea for the citizens of Syria, but was blocked by China and Russia.   So, in reality, all of this fuss may not be about Susan Rice at all, but really about Scott Brown, a man who was overwhelmingly defeated by his challenger in the November, 2012 election.    However, it is still wrong and unfair to use Susan Rice and her stellar reputation as a political football just to help their defeated former colleague.  The President cannot bow to this sort of political game-playing and pressure.  He should nominate Susan Rice if he indeed believes she is the most qualified for the job. Finally, the voters of Massachusetts have decided.  They don’t want Scott Brown.  So Senators  Susan Collins, Oyote and McCain should just get over it.


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