Citizens United Carpet Bombing Democracy - Cartoon

Citizens United Carpet Bombing Democracy – Cartoon (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

        When the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of “Citizens United“, it found that Corporations are ‘people’.  A point made clear by Mitt Romney when, in response to a question replied: “Corporations are people my friend.”  President Obama disagreed, and at a campaign rally said: “Corporations are not people!  People are people!”  Most reasonable people agree with President Obama.  And now, because of the large infusion of money into the 2012 campaigns, (much from unknown origins), detractors of the court’s controversial  ruling, are bringing forth arguments which illustrate ways in which corporations are not people.  To many, this is the worst ruling in the high court in decades.  It is hard to disagree, since, as contributions are not identified, there is indeed an opening for other countries to become involved in the United States elections.   And, as it stands now, no one will ever know.

     There is one question that needs to be answered.  If corporations are people, then why are they not contributing to medicare and social security just as other ‘people’  are required to do by law and statute.  Arguably, if any real person attempted to skate as to those two areas, there would be trouble for them.    Just think, if corporations paid into social security based upon their income, then there would be no worry about the future of social security.  And, likewise, if they paid into Medicare: Boom!  Deficit solved!   It would be interesting to hear a response from these newly court created creatures, or at least their attorneys.  They want to be people, then start doing what people do.  Pay your fair share corporation!  Pay into social security and medicare, based on your yearly income.  And, by the way, when are the corporations going to be summoned for jury duty?

   Corporations want to be people, but only when it is convenient.  And, paying into Social Security and Medicare as a ‘person’ clearly is not something that those ‘people’ want to do. United States Senator Udall has a petition circulating for overturning  the “Citizens United” ruling.  Maybe Congress will be more amenable to doing so since all that money bought them nothing.


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