OPINION: Blame Syrian Deaths on China & Russia

Russia's Putin Feeding Bashar Assad Syrian's ...

Russia’s Putin Feeding Bashar Assad Syrian’s Blood (Photo credit: FreedomHouse)

        It seems that global memories are short. When the first rumblings of dissent began with protests in Syria, United States Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice pleaded with the security council to pass a resolution. Twice, a resolution was blocked by China and Russia. Ms. Rice then warned of the probable outcome of violence and lost lives. Since that time, thousands of lives have been lost, nearly half of them were children.  The Ambassador was correct in her predictions.
     China and Russia were looking out for their own interests, (oil). Now, in light of all that has transpired in that war-torn country, in retrospect, it appears that neither country is showing any remorse for their opposition to some sort of warning and/or pre-emptive intervention.
           The United Nations should consider changing their rules, so that there is a majority vote system when lives are at stake. Not the current system where one country can block a resolution. However, no amount of posturing by either China or Russia can remove the blood on their hands. W8RX7Z7PKX5Z


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