Michigan’s recent passage of its right-to-work legislation is not just anti-union, it is anti-employee. For it gives the employer the rights which it strips away from its employees.
      This law gives the employer the right to fire an employee without notice, and, without severance pay.   It gives the employer the right to fire an employee without a reason.  It gives the employer the right to discriminate on the basis of age, discrimination, race, and disability.  How?  Because when a party is fired for one of these reasons, it is something which is not easily proved.  Why?  Because when an employer fires someone, he or she does not need a reason.  This exposes the employee to a vicious circle and a catch-22.  In the end, the employee loses.   Arizona and Texas both have these laws on the books, and in both states, an employee can be fired at 4:55pm without any reason given.  Typically, these laws have been is states which have been politically designated as ‘red’ states for purposes of providing cover for racial discrimination.   However,  Michigan is a blue state.  I expect, that since Michigan workers are not ‘sheep’, this fight has only just begun.  

       The Michigan governor should be sued by the Union for breach of promise since he publicly promised not to do this. And, those in the legislature, should be ‘primaried’ by the Union members. As it stands, the union will no longer receive dues via the employees paycheck, which seems inappropriate.  Isn’t it up to the employee to decide what can or cannot be taken out of their paycheck?   The union employees, though, should immediately request that a money be taken out of their check, not as union dues, but as a donation to the Union.  The employer cannot stop that!  Additionally, the union members can continue to pay dues via direct deposit and have their bank make the payment for them. W8RX7Z7PKX5Z                                                                                                

       This has undertones of dictatorial methods, as if the worker has no rights.   The title of this law should be changed from right-to-work to right-to-zero-for-employees.


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