Maya Calendar

Maya Calendar (Photo credit: Xiaozhuli)

      If  the Mayans were right, then the fiscal cliff is the last thing anyone should be worried about. So, let’s get past the Mayan calendar thing first, then, if we earthlings survive, we can turn our attention to the fiscal cliff.  There are numerous theories being discussed as to just what is supposed to happen, (or not), on December 21, 2012.  The first is that we are all going to be flung out into space.  When exploring that theory, one would have to put oneself in the unenviable position of our planet.  Earth, sick of our stuff and our abuse, just shakes us all off as if to say, “I’m sick of your crap!”  Another is that something or someone from space is supposed to return and do something, what that something is remains unclear. And, yet another that it is the end of an age/cycle, and time for new beginnings.  The latter is the most preferrable, dependent however, on just what new beginnings might include.
       There is a calendar on this blog starting a countdown to the date, and hopefully, it will be able to be removed without anything having happened. Or, it will remain there forever, in space, with the rest of us. Seriously, though, the Mayan civilization was a highly advanced culture, and they knew back then, some things which we are just learning.  (Math experts!)  That is why this is being focused on by everyone from scientific experts to advanced (scared-of-everything) conspiracy theorists.  So it’s not something that we can ignore.  But, there are those wonderful,optimistic, spontaneous folks who give us all comfort and hope that nothing is going to happen at all.  (We’ll see.) What do you think?  There are links below, with various points of view.


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