Well Mr. McCain, looks like you got your way.  But at what cost?  Susan Rice won’t be Secretary of State.  You have put a cap on a career that was going to even greater heights, based on your lie and your stubborn refusal to even apologize once you learned you were wrong.  But that is par for the course for politics  in your corrupt state of Arizona.   Was it worth it?   Only to you.  But, as you will see, from now on, there is zero respect for you, in any capacity.  It is you who should retire.  Why you are sticking around is anyone’s guess.  

         Most people kowtow to your military service, but its time to say what many are thinking.   it is disheartening and sad that you were a POW during the Vietnam war, but not to the point that you should be allowed to suck the life out of that unfortunate period in your life.  It is Raye’s Radar’s  opinion that you suffered no more than the other POW’s of the time.  Other persons held in captivity went through the same hell that you did, but they are not out there continuously taking bows.   It’s enough that you continue to do that, but you are so envious of others who are going higher places than you ever will, that, just for spite, you wrongfully attack a woman just because you got up on the wrong side of life  and lost your presidential bid.  You are a loser Mr. McCain, in every way, but in this instance most of all. You also know that Susan Rice is more than bright, she is an intellectual heavyweight, something you have never been, and the world got to see that fact up close and personal during the 2008 election.   That’s why you lost.  The American public got a chance to just how smart you weren’t.           

            Susan Rice took the high road in a fight that she didn’t choose, and you milked it for all the air time you could get.    She did not deserve this.   So shame on you! 

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  1. Reblogged this on life of a female bible warrior and commented:
    The only thing I would add to what Raye Radar has written here is that I would write a similar dressing down to Lindsey Graham, who also needs firing yesterday. As soon as possible, he needs to be relieved of his position. I’m thoroughly disgusted with the partisan conservatives who made this woman pay because their side lost the election; they make me sick to my stomach. Thanks for expressing my pov and saving me the time and trouble of having to do so. 😉


  2. “But that is par for the course for politics” minus the “but” that pretty much sums it up. Shame on him and them all.


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