The horrific tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School has had a lasting impact on the world.  When other mass shootings have occurred, the world has moved on,  as if a from a nightmare that just could not have been real.  The world, though, will indeed move on, but not for the parents of all of the children and adults as well.  For them, the world has stood still, and many will walk outside and wonder why the wind is still blowing within the leaves on a tree.   And, when all the flowers, cards, calls have stopped, and the news media has left, who will be there for them at that point?  Usually, and, sadly, not too many, other than those closest to them.

However, this time,  a raw nerve was touched, and stung, within so many people.  Their loss can never be replaced.  We, though, can make it a point to remember.  Causes.com has a national sympathy card which can be electronically signed.  It will help, for all those suffering now, to be able to see just how many people really care at the point in time when there are no new cards coming in.  For a parent, there is nothing like the loss of a child, be it a young child, or an adult child.  In those moments when it seems as if the world has forgotten them, there must be a way to stand by them from here on out, because, for them, the nightmare will be unending for quite some time.  So far, over two million people have signed the card/petition. (Labeled as petition only because that is how there site is set up.)  The link is: http://www.causes.com/action/1715318  and is titled ‘Sandy Hook Elementary School National Sympathy card’.


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