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Lately, since Sandy Hook, there has been a lot of discussion as to what can be done to prevent such a horrific tragedy in the future.  Of course, the NRA came up with a solution that involved even more guns.   Then,  a suggested solution arose involving allowing teachers to bring guns into the classrooms.  But, that, is a slippery slope.

Teachers, like everyone else in this world, are human.  They possess the same flaws as anyone else. And, like anyone else, they too, could one day, just snap and harm their charges.  So what then? Do we arm the first graders or any other student?  Of course not!  But taking the tone of arming the teachers suggests just that.

So, what can be done?  Well, first, there is the mental health issue that must be faced head on, and parents with children who are documented as being mentally unstable should not be allowed to possess automatic weapons and multi-firing magazines.   Two, there should be a ban on multi-firing magazines, period.  That type of firing ability should be reserved for the military.  Three, there should be a ban on assault weapons. Who needs them?  The people killers need them, for that is just what they are designed to do.  Again, these weapons should be reserved for the military.  And, lastly, the gun show loophole should be not just closed, but sealed.  Most of the people who own or collect guns do not mind going through registration and/or background checks.  Having said all of that, these laws should come with the penalty of jail.  Hard time.

Our children are worth it.


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Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad held a news conference during which he offered no apologies or regrets for the thousands of lives lost during this violent civil war. And, appeared to have no remorse for the thousands of children who have either died, been maimed, or orphaned as a result of this conflict.

English: President Bashar al-Assad of Syria . ...

English: President Bashar al-Assad of Syria . Original background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Asaad held a news conference.  Everyone held their breath and hoped against hope that he would be announcing his departure.  Nope.  He railed against his opponents in the violent civil war, and that is just about it.  But is that really just about it?regrets for the tens of thousands of lives lost during this civil war. And, most notably, he did not seem to have a single regret for the lost lives of innocent Syrian children.

Despite the defections from his government, he seems content to allow more conflict and more deaths.  His press conference was a disappointment on many fronts. One that he was not going to leave, and two, that he would allow the war to continue with no plans for any sort of peace talks or reconciliation.   So, more will die.  Even though the press seems more focused on ‘fiscal cliffs’ and ‘debt ceilings’ , there are still little ones dying in a war which they themselves did not create, and, in many cases, in a war which their own parents did not create.  For as we should know, every adult is not a participant in this war. Their parents were just in a house, hospital, or market that was suddenly shelled.  And, how is it a peace plan when a leader calls upon citizens to “defend the nation”.  Defending the nation is his job, and he is doing a poor job of defending what is left.

Assad should look at history, and realize that, his government is no longer a government. He lives in hiding for most of the time.  Most Presidents and heads of state are looked upon as a sort of father of the people of his country.  No one can look at Assad and feel that way.  One can only view him as a cruel and abusive parent, which comes with a perspective towards him that is filled with disgust.

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