Deep within all of us, a new year is significant.  A time for new beginnings, leaving behind all the bad things of the year we are exiting, and moving forward towards new hopes, goals and ideas.  Within each of us, hopefully there remains hope for a better world, for peace, and for individual peace of mind.  The opportunity  to live out each day as best we can and to enjoy those whom we love.  Time  moves on, and,  it is time lost when one does not share it with  loved ones.  For, what is truly of significance is loving those whom we love. It is in their hearts and our own which they will move forward in time with us, even if they do not physically move on with us.

As we approach the end of an old year, and the beginning of a new one, let us not forget that there are many who did not make  it to this point.  Our celebration should include gratitude that we did, and empathy for those left behind by loved ones.  There is still a raging civil war in Syria, and the parents of those lost in Newtown continue to grieve for the ones they lost.

Moving forward, let’s learn from 2012, that we cannot take anything for granted. Not one second of any given day.  Pray for peace, and, pray for peace within the hearts of others.


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