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Presumably, you do. If not, what happens? Consequences? Right!  So why is it that this Congress as did the  previous one, act as if payment of the bills which they created is something about which they can negotiate?

They remain outdone that not only did President Obama win the election, but that they are also  even more outnumbered in the Senate.  So, in order to punish the President for winning, they first denounce Susan Rice for Secretary of State, (with no apologies forthcoming).  Now, they are trying to negotiate on the debt ceiling which is essentially, payment for the bills which Congress incurred.  Have you ever tried to negotiate with your landlord, the grocer, or anyone else whom you legitimately owe money?  That can go south pretty quick, because there is no negotiation premise!

The new 113th Congress, still has holdouts from the 112th Congress, still acting as if they are in a position of power.  Those holdouts witnessed their lack of power when the “fiscal cliff” was avoided without President Obama having to budge on anything.  Those holdouts were shell-shocked!  The President has stated that he will not negotiate on the debt ceiling with regards to cutting entitlements.  The House and the Senate now say that they are willing to shut down the government to get what they want, but they are failing to realize that they will be shutting down their own constituents.

These congress members are messing around with the full faith and credit of the United States of America!  Clearly, they suffer from low self-esteem, because they do not seem to really know who we are!  We are the United States of America, and if we default on paying our bills, there will be global repercussions  and global consequences.  If we thought 2008 was bad, this will be catastrophic!  C’mon Congress, pay your bills like the rest of us.  That is what you were sent there to do.  PAY YOUR BILLS!


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Deep within all of us, a new year is significant.  A time for new beginnings, leaving behind all the bad things of the year we are exiting, and moving forward towards new hopes, goals and ideas.  Within each of us, hopefully there remains hope for a better world, for peace, and for individual peace of mind.  The opportunity  to live out each day as best we can and to enjoy those whom we love.  Time  moves on, and,  it is time lost when one does not share it with  loved ones.  For, what is truly of significance is loving those whom we love. It is in their hearts and our own which they will move forward in time with us, even if they do not physically move on with us.

As we approach the end of an old year, and the beginning of a new one, let us not forget that there are many who did not make  it to this point.  Our celebration should include gratitude that we did, and empathy for those left behind by loved ones.  There is still a raging civil war in Syria, and the parents of those lost in Newtown continue to grieve for the ones they lost.

Moving forward, let’s learn from 2012, that we cannot take anything for granted. Not one second of any given day.  Pray for peace, and, pray for peace within the hearts of others.

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