Trayvon Martin shooting

Trayvon Martin shooting (Photo credit: ChrisWaldeck)

The word killer may seem harsh in light of the recent verdict acquitting George Zimmerman. But, the fact  that he killed Trayvon Martin was never an issue. Why was he found not guilty? Because the jury was allowed to believe the defense team who were going on the word of a known liar.  Many would question the term ‘known liar’, but all one has to do is look back upon the history of this case. Zimmerman sat by quietly and allowed his attorney to lie to the court about having no money. He had told his lie to the attorney, and the attorney repeated the lie.  As it turns out, he did have money… lots of it.  As a result, his bail was revoked.  It was the first real look at George Zimmerman and his propensity to not only lie, but to allow his attorney to lie for him.  Hence, the term ‘known liar’.

Anyone who believes that George Zimmerman got out of his vehicle, walked around a building looking for an African-American, (of whom he was admittedly afraid), without his gun drawn, needs to rethink it.  He got out with his gun drawn, and went up to Trayvon Martin, which is why Trayvon Martin immediately punched him in the nose.  The gun was out when he approached Trayvon Martin.  Trayvon Martin was fighting for his life. Remember he said he thought it was a “crazy ass cracker”.  The emphasis should not be on the word cracker, but on the word ‘crazy’. Admittedly, there are a lot of crazy people around, and his fear was based upon some of the crazies he had heard or read about in his young life.  He was afraid.  Now imagine his fear increasing when Zimmerman approached him with his gun drawn. What would you do? Punch them in the nose and try to get away?  Zimmerman wasn’t having any getting away.  In fact, in our opinion, it was Zimmerman who said:” You’re gonna die tonight m#@*rf$#@r.”  And Trayvon fought for his life.  He lost.  Zimmerman thought he would be hailed as a hero for killing a trespasser and potential threat to the neighborhood.   He wasn’t. But the police department treated him as if he had not even committed a crime.

He was given the gift of an all White jury, a defense team that did a lot of race baiting, and confusing jury instructions.  And a prosecution team that never presented their own theory of the case.  So, a killer goes free.  The jury overlooked all of his lies and refused to hold him accountable in any way for killing another human being.  17-year-old Trayvon Martin.




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