OPINION: No Pay or Benefits for Congress During Shutdown

Congress One Job

Congress One Job (Photo credit: BWJones)

The House of Representatives should not get paid during the government shutdown.  If  other federal employees are being forced to do without, then so should the members of Congress and their staff. Some are now saying that they will give it to ‘charity’, but that is still not good enough.  It should not come into their hands at all to do anything with.  Like federal employees and others who are impacted financially by this shutdown, then Congress should not have a choice.  They should not get it.  The treasury department should list them on low priority and not allow staff to process those checks.  The veterans on disability are getting a choice, they are not getting anything while this goes on.

But, not only should they not receive their paychecks, but they should also lose their health benefits as well as all the other benefits.  They should not receive any travel allowances transportation allowances, gas money for their vehicles, and let them work by candlelight.  Turn the damn lights  out  too! Let them feel the pain that they are causing other Americans.  No lunches in the Capitol building.  Let them all brown bag it from home.

There is a petition being circulated. Please consider signing it.  http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/no-pay-or-benefits-for?source=mo&id=75716-25951344-9O%3Dy4ix


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