OPINION: Fox News Just Crossed the Line

Stuart Varney Fox News

Stuart Varney Fox News (Photo credit: Goat4421)

Fox News host  Stuart Varney   just crossed the line  in a way that is not only heartless, but cold and cruel.  That is not America.  Take a listen to what he said:  http://mediamatters.org/blog/2013/10/03/foxs-varney-on-furloughed-federal-employees-i-w/196261

He wants to punish federal employees?  Why? As he is someone who was  not born in America, I really find his comments disgusting.  If he is so opposed to American workers, then why is he here?  A person who speaks like that of working people, (people who, by the way, earn  far less than he does), needs to leave.   After careful review of his statements, the light bulb comes on:  Rupert Murdoch’s lackey.  Who is Rupert Murdoch?  The British media magnate who owns Fox, and, who is apparently still fighting the war between the American colonies and Britain which resulted in American independence in 1776.  The man who would try to shape American thought.

This sort of language incites, is despicable, and just plain mean.   Again, if he is so against American government, and those people who work for government, then he should not be here. I don’t hear him complaining about the Queen and all of the pomp that goes along with the monarchy.  Why not?  He doesn’t dare.

Stuart Varney should be fired, and banned from American airwaves.  Such cruel and intolerant speech is the equivalent of hate speech.  And, perhaps he does not know that many federal employees are Republican as well as Democrat, and are an example of a very diverse work force.  How dare he attempt to blame American workers for this tea party mess?  How dare he attempt to change the conversation and now place the blame on American workers, when the tea party said it was all about Obamacare?

This guy is in a position of influence, and spewing this sort of hate is not free speech, but spoken to incite emotions to a frantic state, to confuse and assign blame to those who have nothing to do with the tea party shutdown.  Who is to know whether or not the woman who was shot and killed was propelled to action and to her subsequent unfortunate death by comments such as these?

Since hate speech is against the law, federal workers have the right to seek redress via civil suit against Fox news and Varney and hopefully they should do just that.  And, the American public should punish Varney via calling for his immediate removal from American airwaves and calling for his deportation on grounds that he has violated American law which prohibits hate speech.


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