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Thank-you Sandra Bland #SayHerName

Sandra BlandMany will question the title of this post, but for those who do, she is thanked  for standing up for her rights and refusing to be bullied by an out-of-control, racist cop.  She did not back down, and although she paid a huge price, (her life), she stood her ground nonetheless. For that, she is to be admired and respected.  So many now say what she “should” have done, but while many feel that cowering in the face of oppression and bullying is the thing to do, what Sandra Bland did is what should continue to be done.  Otherwise, the bullying by rogue cops will continue. Meek subservience cannot be tolerated.  Sandra’s horrific nightmare, belongs to all of us. We all have to own it.  But, this is one truth that we must remember if the bullies see that you will stand up to them, then, eventually, they will back down.   Her bully, hopefully, will never be in a position of authority again. And, for that, thank-you Sandra Bland. And to her family, thank-you for speaking up for her, since she could not do so for herself. Had you not done so, we never would have known what happened to Sandra.  Hearts break and ache for you Sandra, for your family, and all those who knew and loved you.  And, after the fact, we cry for you.  You did not deserve what happened to you, and the whole world, not just in the United States, mourns for you.

Those who knew her, listened to her videos, knew that to the end, she was true to herself, and her beliefs.  What were her beliefs? That she, as an American citizen, had rights, and she questioned the failure of those rights being afforded to her, which she had a right to do. That she, as a woman, who had not committed any crime, had the right to be treated with respect. That she, as a woman, had the right to not be beaten and manhandled.  That she, as an African-American, had the right to be treated just as the person in the previous stop, (who was White),  had been treated.

So yes, thank-you Sandra Bland, for standing up to oppression, to bullying, to discrimination, to harassment.  Thank you for your courage.  Thank-you for not cowering in the face of a madman.  Thank you for reminding everyone that meek subservience is not available.  Although you are gone, your warrior spirit will live on, and history will forever, #sayyourname.

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Radar Recommends: Sons of Anarchy


“SOATitlecard” by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –

Wow. Sons of Anarchy. A little late coming to this party, but, better late than never.  Wondering what all the fuss has been about for seven seasons, curiosity won, and after taking a peek, it is clearly understood that this is a great show. Leaving you wanting more. A sequel, a prequel, anything , just more …  forever.

All seven seasons of this show are the equivalent of  like a good book that you just cannot put down.  Most people have many preconceived notions about bikers and biker clubs. Be prepared to have those notions put to rest.   This show allows a person to actually get inside the intricate details and inner workings of a biker club, rose-colored glasses not provided. It is all there. The good, the bad, and also, the very ugly.  Kurt Sutter, the shows creator, writer, and producer, who took the time to research the material via spending time with a real biker club in Northern California presents a compelling tale of love, betrayal, revenge, and the reality of the life of ‘outlaws’.  Something most people will never see.

The beginning of the series, is like first dates, getting to know the characters, being introduced  to their world, and so on.  And then, the wild ride begins.  As the story unfolds, the main character, young Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam, (son of one of the original founders of the club),has taken his seat at the table as vice-president.  His mother, Gemma, played by Katy Sagal,  and his step-father, Klay, (Ron Pearlman), are at the center of the drama.  Yet, as the story unfolds, you get to know all of the characters, and it transforms into  a  brilliant and superb ensemble, with each character fleshed out to the point that each has a story, and you, are privy to those stories and finding yourself  following all of them.

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, there is violence, but, it is not gratuitous, but rather within the context of the storyline. You will find yourself rooting for characters, and being very angry with others. You will begin to live with them, cry with them, laugh with them, and wish the best for them.   It is indeed a wild ride, and an enthralling show with excellent performances by all of the cast.  The writing is superb. And you suddenly might have an overwhelming desire to ride a motorcycle … just once.

It is currently streaming on Netflix which will afford you the luxury of not having to wait until next season when those cliffhangers end each season.  A wonderful binge-worthy drama that is exciting and informative. You will never look at a biker or a biker club the same way again, because you will know something more about them, and it ain’t all bad.  Enjoy the ride!

Capybara (Sons of Anarchy)

Capybara (Sons of Anarchy) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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