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Thank-you Sandra Bland #SayHerName

Sandra BlandMany will question the title of this post, but for those who do, she is thanked  for standing up for her rights and refusing to be bullied by an out-of-control, racist cop.  She did not back down, and although she paid a huge price, (her life), she stood her ground nonetheless. For that, she is to be admired and respected.  So many now say what she “should” have done, but while many feel that cowering in the face of oppression and bullying is the thing to do, what Sandra Bland did is what should continue to be done.  Otherwise, the bullying by rogue cops will continue. Meek subservience cannot be tolerated.  Sandra’s horrific nightmare, belongs to all of us. We all have to own it.  But, this is one truth that we must remember if the bullies see that you will stand up to them, then, eventually, they will back down.   Her bully, hopefully, will never be in a position of authority again. And, for that, thank-you Sandra Bland. And to her family, thank-you for speaking up for her, since she could not do so for herself. Had you not done so, we never would have known what happened to Sandra.  Hearts break and ache for you Sandra, for your family, and all those who knew and loved you.  And, after the fact, we cry for you.  You did not deserve what happened to you, and the whole world, not just in the United States, mourns for you.

Those who knew her, listened to her videos, knew that to the end, she was true to herself, and her beliefs.  What were her beliefs? That she, as an American citizen, had rights, and she questioned the failure of those rights being afforded to her, which she had a right to do. That she, as a woman, who had not committed any crime, had the right to be treated with respect. That she, as a woman, had the right to not be beaten and manhandled.  That she, as an African-American, had the right to be treated just as the person in the previous stop, (who was White),  had been treated.

So yes, thank-you Sandra Bland, for standing up to oppression, to bullying, to discrimination, to harassment.  Thank you for your courage.  Thank-you for not cowering in the face of a madman.  Thank you for reminding everyone that meek subservience is not available.  Although you are gone, your warrior spirit will live on, and history will forever, #sayyourname.


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Opinion: Anatomy of Discrimination via La Frontera Inc.

United States Department of Housing and Urban ...

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the anatomy of an act of discrimination?  How do those who are determined to systematically exclude others commit their immoral acts?  It goes something like this: A person of color asks for something that is supposed to be available to all people, regardless of race or creed. But, the person in charge, does not feel that the person of color should have anything at all, so their response is an emphatic “no”.  The person attempting to obtain the assistance, working within the system, files a complaint.  That complaint leads to changes with which the party in charge is supposed to comply. What does the person in charge do? Rather than comply, they change the rules.

A person of color went through this with an organization called La Frontera, Inc., in Tucson, Arizona.  It was well-known that the agency helped people who needed housing, whether they were homeless or not.  The individual tried to obtain assistance, but there were no methods via which the person could apply, only verbal denials. Criteria was a joke. There was nothing in writing, no legitimate application process, and as it turns out, it was the same crap, just a different agency, on a different day.   Minorities in America can attest to the various and sundry methods via which discrimination is meted out.  You call about a job, five minutes away, the job is still available. You show up with your visible ethnicity, and boom! The position has been filled.  The apartment has been rented. The house is no longer for sale.  This trickeration and chicanery has been commonly found in housing discrimination allegations and claims.  Several years ago, Diane Sawyer did an investigative report regarding this very issue, and with the use of hidden cameras, illustrated and proved just how often this sad game is played  in the United States of America.

So, once this person went through all of the processes, La Frontera moved the football, and suddenly, they only dealt with persons who are actually homeless, whereas in all the preceding years, and months, they had housing programs which helped all people, even those with their own homes were assisted with mortgages.  But nooooo, not today.   According to the party, a person in charge named Maureen, who once used every single verbal trick to exclude, and who now had to have it all in writing, now said that there were no programs other than for the homeless. It is reported, that, allegedly, Maureen stated that this was in compliance with HUD.  Seriously? One must wonder just how stupid this Maureen must believe people are.   It appears that, allegedly in collusion with her supervisor, Maureen became not only ‘Lucy with the football’, but also moved the goalposts – several times.  But, unfortunately for Maureen, her misrepresentations can easily be disproved. But, her job is safe, because, allegedly, the higher-ups, such as Douglas Long, could not care less what happens on a lower level.

Radar’s take on this is simple.  Discrimination is supposed to be against the law.  And, if federal funds are being used to assist in discrimination, then it is time for those federal funds to be stopped, and funding to La Frontera Housing, Inc. should be discontinued.  The FHA should go in and look at all of the files and then determine whether or not the pretext used by Maureen is genuine.  And,  in light of the recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States, the agency is no longer handcuffed by whether or not the discrimination was intentional, now all that has to be proved is whether or not the discrimination exists – intentional or not. They only need to follow the money, and it is doubtful if  anyone would lose a wager betting that Maureen was lying through her teeth.  There should be no discrimination allowed on the dime of the American taxpayer’s. La Frontera Inc, should be thoroughly and mercilessly investigated for deliberate housing discrimination, and federal funds should no longer be made available to them.  And, insofar as people like Maureen, she should not be fired, but be ordered to provide assistance to those who qualify, without any attempt to further her own alleged  agenda.  I think that sort of punishment would be poetic justice.

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