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SANDRA BLAND DEATH: Targeted Assassination?

(While reading this, bear in mind that, Waller County,Texas is known to be a county which is heavily infested with KKK members.)

Sandra Bland

The title of this blog is a question, which arose as an answer to many other questions, which remain unanswered.  It arose after hearing Sandra Bland’s own words, posted one of her online videos, in which she announced that she now knew her “purpose”, that she was going “back to Texas” and fight to remove “all injustice in the South”.

On that fateful day,  several more questions arose.  Did ‘they‘ know that she was coming? Were they ‘awaiting‘ her arrival?  It makes more sense than just a random traffic stop. Because after asking oneself these questions, there are more which beg an answer. Why was Encina following her in the first place?  She was not breaking any laws.  So why was he speeding behind her as if in hot pursuit?  Could it be that he knew she would move out of his way, and probably do so, without thinking to make a lane change signal?  (Just as many of us would have done.) For, when the police roll up behind you rapidly, you feel a sense of urgency to get out of their way, for surely they must have been trying to get to an emergency situation.  Why did he continue to badger her when all he stated he was going to do was to give her a warning?  Could it be that he knew she would stand her ground and assert her rights, giving him reason to assault and detain her? Then arrest her?  Why did his attitude rise from zero to one hundred within less than one second, merely because she merely declined his request to put out her cigarette?  Why did he take her out of view of the police car’s dashcam recorder?  Did he plan to slam her head against the ground?  Why did he tell the person filming that he would have “to leave”?   Had he planned to shoot her?  These are not unreasonable questions, but ones which arose after giving careful, critical thought to the entire event, up to and including her death.  It appears as if it was all planned, and, that perhaps someone was just waiting for her to get there so that they could take her out, with the trooper taking the lead via getting her to the jail in the first place.

The questions surrounding her death also raise more questions. Why is it that so shortly after her request to make a phone call, she suddenly turned up dead? What was it that she wanted to tell someone, that another party may not have wanted her to say?  The jail record clearly states that the last thing that they purported to hear from her was that she wanted to make a phone call.  Not two hours later, she was dead.   She was refusing to eat, and, more likely than not, out of fear that something would be put into her food.  (Not a stupid move, by the way.)   However, she was found with marijuana in her system. How did she get drugs in a jail?  How did it get there? In a cookie?  A candy bar?  Was it placed into her system after she was dead for the coroner to find? Was she knocked out and then murdered?  Not a wild scenario to imagine.  The attempts to villainize her after death, included the marijuana, and even some on social media believed because they found official records on judicial sites, that she had been in jail before. She hadn’t. Only traffic violations and fines. Nothing more. But the attempt to villainize her, also inferred that a cover-up was underway.

These questions and possible answers all lead to yet another, more sinister conclusion. That, Sandra Bland was targeted, because she was a vocal activist, who had announced her return to Texas to fight against social injustice. And, as a result, she was murdered as soon as she arrived.

If the above are  plausible, possible, and/or probable conclusions, then her death would be considered a hate crime.  And, the United States Justice Department should take over the investigation.  Something to think about, and to give serious consideration.

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