David Bowie and Iman : The Love Story

db95cb00ea6d3c391d512260ec45fde4The world continues to mourn the loss of David Bowie – an innovative musician and entertainer. Many remember him as the rock star, the uncompromising entertainer who challenged conventions. Others remember his daring androgynous stage persona – while others champion the high level of musicianship of his music.  But – there is another side, equally as beautiful, heartwarming and touching, and that is the love story between he and his wife of over two decades … Iman.  A story which  begs to be acknowledged  during our bereavement.

David Bowie met Iman over  two decades ago, and in his words, it was love at first sight.  For Iman – not so much. But as she grew to know him as the man she described as “gentle’, she gave in.  They were married in 1992, and were together from that moment  until the minute of his passing.  Iman was quick to correct people when they ask her about her marriage to ‘David Bowie‘ by saying that she did not marry ‘David Bowie‘, she married ‘David Jones‘ . She explained that ‘David Bowie’ was a ‘persona and an entertainer’.  She knew , and married, another man.david-bowie- with Iman

Iman, one of the great supermodels, clearly was not easily impressed, but again, the gentleness and kindness of his heart and soul is what won her over. It was when he stopped in public, in the view of  whoever, to bend over and fasten the laces of her shoes that had come undone, and, according to her, that she realized that he was that rare person who did not care what others thought, and put her needs above any other consideration.  Those untied  laces, tied them together. They adored one another and were devoted to one another. No blasting headlines about infidelity – just a life of love between the two of them.  A love which produced their beautiful daughter, Alexandra.

David Bowie was blessed to find the love of his life, as was Iman equally as blessed to find hers. And that gives hope to those who wonder if that sort of love can ever exist.  It did and it can.  Our heartfelt sympathies to Iman for the loss of her soulmate as well as our thanks for giving our ‘rock star’ the love which he so richly deserved.

David Bowie and Iman laughing

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