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Opinion: Bernie Sander’s Broken Promises

Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an effort to win the primary in New York city, Bernie Sanders has apparently abandoned his promise to conduct a campaign based upon issues and to not engage in personal attacks against his opponent, Hillary Clinton. The promise was broken when one of his surrogates, implied that Hillary is a “corporate whore”. His attacks against her appear to be without merit – especially the one which accuses her of somehow being influenced by big money corporations such as Goldman Sachs.  However, during their last debate, when asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to name just one instance in which Hillary Clinton was influenced by big money donations  in any of her decisions while she was in office as senator of Secretary of State, he failed to cite just one. And in response to his inability to do so – Hillary Clinton said: “He can’t – because there isn’t any.”   But he continues to imply that there is something – despite not  having any concrete proof and when asked specifically – he has nothing to say.Hillary and Bernie debate

Now, in yet another attempt to smear her and her campaign, he has falsely accused her of violating election campaign laws – this despite the fact that the money raised at the Clooney dinner is not for Hillary – but for down-ticket Democratic candidates and their campaign.  As Clooney stated – the purpose is to support down -ticket candidates so that Democrats can win back the house – and overturn ‘Citizens United’ and get more liberal justices on the United States Supreme Court. The money does not go to the Hillary Clinton campaign. The facts are that at the onset of both campaigns – both candidates agreed to do this – something which has always been done.  Now he falsely accuses her of violating campaign laws – notably a few days before the New York primary. (No coincidence there.)  This is something which he could have done as well – but has chosen not to – apparently because he is not a Democrat – and something he also agreed to do as a Democratic presidential candidate.  He apparently decided to get in one last smear – despite it being a factual misrepresentation – just in time for the New York primary.

It is said that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Sanders’ campaign is being investigated by the FEC ( Federal Election Committee ) due to donors giving donations over the allowed amount directly to his campaign. There is also the allegation that donations are coming from individuals in other countries who are not American citizens – a clear violation of federal election rules.

Sanders has no problem, apparently, with destroying a party of which he has never been a member. Bringing forth false allegations and other smears by himself as well as his surrogates and supporters all indeed point to Sander’s broken promise to run a clean campaign based solely upon the issues. The integrity of which he and others once boasted is now but a memory, and provides a plausible answer to the question as to  why so many Democrats refuse to support him , despite all of his years in congress . The answer to that questions is perhaps,  this is the side of Bernie Sanders which they knew about all along.  The nastiness and the smears by Sanders and his campaign are signs of desperation of a  losing campaign.  His campaign and the media point to the huge turnout of supporters – but it is rumored that there are many within those crowds are traveling from all over in order to give the appearance of massive support in a given locality.

Bernie selling his soul and principles for a primary victory is a sad sight to witness – but hopefully the damage he is doing will be short-lived and the Democrats will move forward to victory in the fall with Hillary Clinton.

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