Prince’s Paisley Park Must Be Designated As A National Historic Landmark

Prince Paisley Park

Prince’s Paisley Park


Prince-Paisley-Park-Performance 3

Prince performing at Paisley Park

The building and structure in which Prince Rogers Nelson, lived,worked and performed deserves preservation as a National Historic Landmark, and it sufficiently meets the criteria with Prince having been a person of extraordinary significance, and the building and structure is directly associated with him. He named it Paisley Park and not only was it his home and where he worked and created, but he also built a performance stage and routinely entertained there. And, that is also where he rehearsed so tirelessly  to be able to present the fabulous and flawless shows for which received critical praise and acclaim. He named it ‘Paisley Park’.

Flyer for paisley park 2

Flyer for Paisley Park Event


Being designated as a National Historic Landmark will protect and preserve it, and will also ensure that the property will be available for generations to come. And not just for the fans he has now, but the ones he will surely have in the future. His significance a gifted and prolific artist qualifies it to be so designated. Paisley Park is automatically associated with Prince.

Prince performing at Paisley Park

Prince performing at his beloved Paisley Park

The title of this article uses the word “must” and not “should” simply because ‘should’ is not within the equation. For historical reasons, the legacy of Prince and his Paisley Park, must be preserved for posterity. His legacy demands it.

Please take a moment and sign the petitions which are pending:

1) on

2) on the White House website petition page

Then tweet the link to others using the hashtag #savepaisleypark. Thank you.


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