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Opinion: Paisley Park Pedestrian Bridge?

FILE - In this May 2, 2016 file photo, a painting of Prince is displayed on an easel at the flower-covered fence at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minn. where pop rock singer Prince died on April 21. Court filings in Prince's estate show that a special administrator, and likely Prince's siblings, are eager to explore the money-making potential of making a tourist attraction out of his Paisley Park home and studio complex. Industry experts weigh in on the revenue potential and what might turn the complex into an enduring and successful attraction. (AP Photo/Jim Mone, File)

Fence outside Paisley Park

It has been suggested to Chanhassen City Council that a pedestrian bridge, which would begin at the parking lot directly across the street from Paisley Park, then  cross over Audobon and leading directly to “the fence”, be constructed. This would be a win-win for the fans, the residents who live in and around Paisley Park, and for the city, who are struggling with traffic studies, etc.  This suggestion, ( in contrast to the virtual fence), would keep the tangible and very real lock-of-love-at-paisley-parkconnection between Prince and his fans.  In this way, fans could continue to leave their memorials at the fence, a ritual which was initiated by the fans, without becoming traffic hazards. And the traffic would be able to flow down Audubon with in its normal and customary flow.

paisley-park-fenceInstead of a lot of restrictive signs, which can only be proven to work over time, a pedestrian bridge would allow fans to continue to leave their memorials. And, a reminder, that the tour costs may be too high for some fans  and there is the issue of those fans  who may not be emotionally ready to take the tour.

It must be remembered that Prince loved his fans and they loved him, and this simple solution would allow the fence to serve as a connection between his fans and his memory. The memorials could continue to be removed and archived and stored until such time it has been determined how and where they will be displayed. Prince himself would want safety issues to be resolved, and this would be fitting due to his own ‘bridge-building’ via his philanthropy to causes worldwide.paisley-park-fence-3

This seems to be such an easy solution and one wonders why no one is looking into this to resolve the issues which are of concern to the Chanhassen City Council members. One would think that this is a solution worthy of  being explored.

The fence as somewhere to leave memorials should continue, as it has proven to be a cathartic mechanism for Prince fans, and Prince fans are still grieving. Instead of trying to terminate the grieving process of the fans, that process paisley-park-4should be acknowledged and accommodated. One councilperson, (McDonald), expressly stated that he wanted something for the fans and their memorials. The cyber fence created by those who are temporarily in charge, does not take into account that there is more than artwork being left at the fence. There are notes, ‘love-locks’, flowers, etc and every fan who travels from all over the country and the world wants to leave their own personal memorial, and that is a fact which needs to be considered.

The pedestrian bridge would eliminate all of the of the current concerns and obstacles.


Prince loved his 'fam' 2014 Hollywood Palladium performance

Prince loved his ‘fam’ 2014 Hollywood Palladium performance

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Opinion: Note to Trump:Do NOT Dare Re-victimize Hillary Clinton


Trum hate faceDonald Trump’s threat to bring up the past alleged affairs of Bill Clinton in response to his own is patently unfair and should not occur. Trump alleges that Hillary “bullied” the women with whom he was alleged to have had affairs. As if a woman dealing with infidelity has the responsibility to be ‘nice’ to any woman who has had an affair with her husband. He should be reminded of the occasion when Ivan Trump, his first wife, confronted Marla Maples on a snow-capped mountain. Ivana was definitely not nice to Marla. Trump eventually married Marla, the woman who was accused of having an affair with Trump while he was married to Ivana.

Those were difficult days for Hillary Clinton, and indeed, she was a victim. A victim of infidelity and betrayal. Jennifer Flowers, by her own admission was the mistress of Bill Clinton for 12 years, yet she said nothing until he dumped her in order to run for president. Hillary suffered in silence. Hillary continued to work with her husband on her marriage, unlike Trump, whose marriages appear to be revolving doors for younger models than the current wife. Hillary has had one marriage – unlike Trump who has had three.

It is Hillary Clinton who is running for president, not Bill. And, any sort of comparison between himself and Bill has nothing to do with the candidacy of Hillary. In fact, it is re-victimizing  Hillary via throwing a very painful time in her face regarding things over which she had no control.

Trump made the comments he made, and he cannot bring Hillary into that conversation. It is indeed, a sexist response, attempting to link her to the past indiscretions of her husband. Her response to those actions are not an issue either. Women do not seem to like women who have affairs with their husbands.

Trump would do best to leave Bill out of it during the debate, lest he be more embarrassed by his own actions that came out of his own mouth. Women do not want Hillary attacked for what Bill did. He paid a price for those actions, and so did Hillary. Leave Bill’s actions out of it – that will not justify your actions. And attacking Hillary will not erase your own words and actions.

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