OPINION: A New York Minute

I’ve always been a fan of the Eagles, starting back when Hotel California was first released. So right now, while kicking back and listening to the Eagles “New York Minute”  I’m reflecting upon just how quickly things can change – for good or bad.

I’ve had my share of those New York minutes – and some of them went on for hours,months, even years – a series of events which kept my life moving in out between  states of limbo and/or flux.

The most recent being the issue of my former landlord. Imagine, living someplace for ten years, but because the 83 year old matriarch did not appreciate my not falling in line and knowing my place, she (Rose Collins), lashed out at me in a voicemail, and was offended because I told her that her actions were ones which discriminated against me. She and her son did not appreciate my son having the audacity to complain about not having air conditioning in the summer. Nor did she care for my raising the issue as to repairs. It was as if she thought: ‘how dare you express your need for decent housing!’  And for that, she decided, that we had to move. We, however did not learn of that decision until months later, when they breached an agreement – (after accepting money for months based upon that agreement), and demanded that we move.  The New York minute was her voicemail and the notice to move was another.

So listening to the song, my reflections led to not only agreement with the song, but also the epiphany as to how quickly things can turn and change. The entire process was  a series of New York minutes.

There were other New York minutes, in my life: the death of my youngest son, the suicide of one of my siblings, the death of my father, the death of my mother, and so many other events which would qualify as New York minutes. And,  ALWAYS getting evicted in Tucson, Arizona is among them, because this most recent time, was not the first time. The false foundation upon which I thought I stood was ripped away, as were my rights. I decided that I was NOT going to let it go. Not this time.

Housing, a roof over your head, is supposed to be your sanctuary as long as you pay your rent. So when those other events happened, I did at least have a place to grieve. When that gets ripped away illegally, it certainly qualifies as a New York minute shift, especially if you are a senior citizen, coming out of nowhere, like a death, and changing your world based upon the simple whims of racist landlords and judges. It took a year of my life and continuing. I owed them no rent, yet they obtained a judgment because the pro-tem refused to adhere to the provisions of the law, so once again, my credit is screwed.

In a New York minute,everything can change, things are getting pretty strange.”

When the ones you love are no longer around to provide shoulders upon which to cry, or provide laughter, it is a new and unfamiliar world, and a difficult one at that. One realizes just how much those individuals filled your life.

Take care of your own, ’cause one day they’re here , the next day they’re gone

  “If you find somebody love in this world, you better hold on tooth and nail.”

  “What the head makes cloudy, the heart makes very clear”

The song ends with hope, as does this blog

                     “I know that somebody somewhere can make these dark clouds disappear, I have to believe, that,

                     in a New York minute, everything can change…”

My prayer and hope is, to soon see a good change in my life, in a New York minute. Equal justice,fairness, peace, are those changes I seek and soon hope to see.



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