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Opinion: Why Is Pima County Consolidated Justice Court Unfair?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King,Jr.

First of all, we are taught as soon as we can read and understand, that the American system of justice is fair and equal. And, there are some of us, who believed it, and some of us who continue to fight for that fairness and equity.  Now, some will say that this post is about ‘sour grapes’, but please be assured, it is not. And since I asked the question,  I will provide the answers which support my opinion that the court is unfair, biased, and, unfortunately, it has ‘pockets’ of racism.

In my opinion, there is a ‘circle of corruption’, and those who are within that circle make it a point to ‘steer’ a case to the other members of that circle.  In that way, they are assured of an illegal victory. And that circle does not stop at the doors of that particular court, it goes up to the next level, which is Pima County Superior Court. Now, the coincidences must be looked at objectively, and one being that Lisa Royal, the current Court Administrator for Justice Court, was also once part of the administration of Superior Court. That does not automatically translate into the existence  of a ‘conspiracy’, but when everything starts going south, and the rules are bent and/or ignored, then one has to, at the very least, explore that possibility.

For example, in Arizona, there is something that is called the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act, now in this particular case, the landlord, admitted that he was retaliating. The ACT says that if a landlord is asking a tenant to move based upon a complaint about living conditions, then it is retaliation, and it is prohibited.  Now, if a tenant not only has proof of the complaint, but has that proof in writing, the landlord is supposed to be prohibited from making a tenant move. When a judge sees a document that has a statement written by the landlord, under oath, then why would Judge Pro Tem say that he did not “see” retaliation?  This is the portion of that sworn document:


(As most people know, the word “troublemakers” is code for those who request their rights. That is the term used  in the 1950’s and 1960’s to describe Martin Luther King, Jr.) This was an admission to retaliating, written under oath, and to which he admitted on the record. So what stopped the judge from ruling as to retaliation?

When an agency director, who is paying a portion of the rent, testifies under oath that the landlord promised to  provide a lease, then why would the testimony of that independent third-party be ignored by the judge? And, then, why would a Superior Court judge mis-state the facts and state that the tenant “assumed” that there was supposed to be a lease,even though that issue is not properly before them?

Why would Lisa Royal and Xavier Verdugo promise to adhere to specific rules of Civil Appellate Procedure, then not do so? But instead, allegedly use their connections to speed up the process while ignoring those rules? Why would a Superior Court judge refuse to rule upon a Motion for New Trial when  it is within his purview to do so, and again, rush the case back?  Why would Justice Court then rule on that motion without jurisdiction, but delay in ruling on the motion to vacate the ruling? Why, when one of the other tenants/defendants no longer resides with the other, would Justice Court refuse to serve that party with notice of a hearing using their mailing address?

When all of the above questions, in and of themselves, represent judicial aberrations, then one must come to the conclusion which forms the opinion that the specific parties, and their court, are indeed, unfair. One must also, at that point, look at what is similar and dissimilar between all of the parties. If all of the parties are of all races except for Black,  but the defendants/tenants are Black, then one can fairly come to the conclusion, (based upon the judicial aberrations), that the issue of race, must indeed be a factor, and that the scales of justice are not balanced, and in this case, lady justice was not blind at all.

And yet, they boldly do it in plain sight, on the record, and blatantly.  It is my opinion, that the parties involved not only lack a conscience, but also lack a soul, and have neither integrity nor respect for the offices which they hold. It is my opinion that their loyalty is not to the law, but to one another. Could that be why the plaintiff’s attorney, Blythe Edmondson,  felt comfortable paying fast and loose with the facts, and, the truth?

It seems as if this were some re-creation of the feudal system, and the poor laborer has no rights when it comes to the wealthy landowner or the aristocracy. But wait … what? No, but that can’t be right? That was England, right? This is America, right? And, slavery has been abolished in America, right?  There is something called the U.S. Constitution, right? There is something called Due Process, right? There is something called “Equal Protection Under The Law”, right?

Based upon all of the above, this is not an issue of sour grapes, but an issue of injustice and  of justice denied.

So my friends, that is why my opinion is that Pima County Consolidated Justice Court is unfair and biased. That is why it is my opinion that this particular case was steered to those within the alleged ‘circle of corruption’.

I would say to each and every one of them – ‘Shame on you for what you have done.’

#EqualProtectionUnderTheLaw #MartinLutherKingJr #ArizonaLandlordTenantAct


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Opinion: Unheard Cries – The Child Victims of the War in Yemen.Shame!


Yemeni babies killed during bombings


As the war in Yemen rages on, there are voices which are not only unheard, but apparently, ignored.  In the United States media, every idiotic phrase which Donald Trump utters, and/or tweets, is heralded from all of the mainstream media. But where is the coverage as to the unnecessary deaths and hunger being suffered by Yemeni children? The silence speaks volumes.

The war in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia, and assisted by the U.S., rages on. Is the silence as to the children because of the fact that Saudi Arabia is a so-called U.S. ally? Or is it because the U.S. is complicit? Are U.S. citizens actually citizens of the U.S., or must we ‘bow down’ to Saudi Arabia, even when they are wrong?

The lack of outrage,empathy, and compassion is disheartening. Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen without any concern as to not only the lives of civilians, but children as well. Our leaders in Washington D.C. should be ashamed, and the man sitting in the oval office should be ashamed as well, however, due to his high degree of purported narcissism , it is expected that there is no shame within him.

Starving Yemeni child

Yes, there is a government shutdown, but these children were being murdered and maimed before the shutdown even began. And yes, the stock market is down, then it’s up, yet not one single word about the children of Yemen. Not even from our European allies. It is as if it is not even happening.

But there is something that can be done. Each person can write,call,email,text their representative in Washington,D.C. to let them know that Americans care. And, since they are our representatives, our voices, it is up to us to let them know that we not only care, but that we want it to stop. We are funding these child murders via providing Saudi Arabia with military equipment to conduct these bombings, and that should provide some leverage to exercise our authority. Donald Trump won’t do it, as he is too enamored with Saudi Arabia to take the necessary steps, and, according to some reports, too beholden to them for their financial assistance to him personally, in the past. But it is Congress that holds those purse strings, and it is Congress that can speak out against this and not only be heard, but taken seriously as well.

These are children! Little children and babies whose lives are being taken away or ruined. The deafening silence should not, must not, and cannot continue. Write your elected representatives and media outlets. #UnheardCriesInYemen #StopKillingYemeniChildren




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