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Opinion: Unheard Cries – The Child Victims of the War in Yemen.Shame!


Yemeni babies killed during bombings


As the war in Yemen rages on, there are voices which are not only unheard, but apparently, ignored.  In the United States media, every idiotic phrase which Donald Trump utters, and/or tweets, is heralded from all of the mainstream media. But where is the coverage as to the unnecessary deaths and hunger being suffered by Yemeni children? The silence speaks volumes.

The war in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia, and assisted by the U.S., rages on. Is the silence as to the children because of the fact that Saudi Arabia is a so-called U.S. ally? Or is it because the U.S. is complicit? Are U.S. citizens actually citizens of the U.S., or must we ‘bow down’ to Saudi Arabia, even when they are wrong?

The lack of outrage,empathy, and compassion is disheartening. Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen without any concern as to not only the lives of civilians, but children as well. Our leaders in Washington D.C. should be ashamed, and the man sitting in the oval office should be ashamed as well, however, due to his high degree of purported narcissism , it is expected that there is no shame within him.

Starving Yemeni child

Yes, there is a government shutdown, but these children were being murdered and maimed before the shutdown even began. And yes, the stock market is down, then it’s up, yet not one single word about the children of Yemen. Not even from our European allies. It is as if it is not even happening.

But there is something that can be done. Each person can write,call,email,text their representative in Washington,D.C. to let them know that Americans care. And, since they are our representatives, our voices, it is up to us to let them know that we not only care, but that we want it to stop. We are funding these child murders via providing Saudi Arabia with military equipment to conduct these bombings, and that should provide some leverage to exercise our authority. Donald Trump won’t do it, as he is too enamored with Saudi Arabia to take the necessary steps, and, according to some reports, too beholden to them for their financial assistance to him personally, in the past. But it is Congress that holds those purse strings, and it is Congress that can speak out against this and not only be heard, but taken seriously as well.

These are children! Little children and babies whose lives are being taken away or ruined. The deafening silence should not, must not, and cannot continue. Write your elected representatives and media outlets. #UnheardCriesInYemen #StopKillingYemeniChildren





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Opinion: Donald Trump – The man who would be ‘king’.


Trum hate face

You get no crown Donald.

It has become increasingly clear, that while Trump desired to be president of the United States, he had no clue as to what that really meant.  He does not understand the checks and balances contained within the Constitution of the United States, and apparently, he thought he would be ‘king’ of the United States with all of its branches of government, and its citizens subservient to him as his ‘subjects’. Um … no Donald, you are not the ‘king’ of America. In fact, it is you who is the servant. Remember when you raised your right hand, and took the oath of office? You vowed to serve the Constitution of the United States and the people of the United States, not just yourself, your family, and your base which consists of about 30% of all Americans, but all the people.

His frustration with the court rulings have left him and his ‘base’ perplexed, as has the need for Congress to approve legislation. That indicates a lack of understanding of the fundamental values of the Constitution. He did not seem to know that the courts are co-equal with his own office, as is the congress. There is no one ruler of America, and that is exactly what the founding fathers of America wanted. No monarchy, no king, no tyrant. And it appears that without the phenomenal foresight of those statesmen, we would indeed be now in the hands of a tyrant – instead of a ‘wannabe tyrant’. But those writers of the Constitution protected us all, because Donald Trump is exactly the sort of person whom they feared, and thank goodness for that protection.

Donald Trump is a man who seems to believe that he is above the law, but also appears to be desperate for others to believe the lies he spews out on a daily basis. If lying were a crime, he would be convicted already. His lack of conscience for lying to the American people is unsettling. He promised to release his tax returns, but after he won, he refused to do so. And, it was his own base to whom he made that promise. He has proven that his word means nothing. There appear to be voids where a conscience and a heart should be.  And most of all, there appears to be an empty abyss where intelligence and knowledge are usually housed. Putin’s phrase for people such as Trump, is  a “useful idiot”.

And because he loves his children, he seems to expect all Americans to do so. But most Americans resent his bringing his adult children into the White House to work, salary or no salary.  It is nepotism that is being flaunted in the face of Americans, and it is, indeed, against the law, but the Republican-led congress does not seem to have a spine, and so they watch as he breaks rule after rule, law after law, and why? Because they want the power, and they want someone there who will rubber-stamp whatever legislation they send his way as many surmise that he does not possess the cognitive and comprehensive reading skills required to actually read, and understand, what he is signing, relying upon someone to just tell him what is written, or, watching “the shows” so that he can learn about it that way. So the Republicans watch and shake their head, but do nothing.

Donald Trump swore his allegiance to the Constitution while placing his hand on a Bible which he has admitted he seldom reads or turns to in time of crisis. So his vow means nothing, and one can search history to find those like him, who will honor nothing but their own immediate desires. One such as King Henry VIII , who changed everything so that he could get his way. But then, he was a king. Trump is not, he is merely  one of the checks and balances within the constitution – not a king. And his children are not princes and princesses who are currently treating the presidency as if it is their personal plaything.

He is firing people as if he is still on his reality television show. Someone should tell him that he was indeed the ‘king’ of that fake boardroom, but he is not ‘king’ of America. Firing good people has consequences. The people who he has fired for no reason at all, were professional civil servants who were doing their job. But in his distorted reality, he fired Comey and Yates as if they were only mere contestants on ‘The Apprentice’.  He seems to have a delusional sense of grandeur in which he envisions himself as ‘king’. Note to Donald: you did not get elected ‘king’. This is America, not Russia. This is a republic without a banana.

Perhaps Mr. Trump should resign, purchase an island, and take his circus with him, along with his ‘base’, then they can all worship him as the ‘king’ as he appears to so desperately need to be.

He continually calls any news about himself and his administration “fake news”, but that is just his way of defending that which has absolutely no defense. As with his description of  ‘climate change’ he opines that the Russia issue is just a hoax.  If that were true, it would mean that his son, Donald Jr., is a participant in the hoax, as it was his emails which became the fire from the preceding smoke. The only hoax is that Donald Trump thinks that  he is ‘king’. A prime example of his delusional sense of entitlement is that he had the audacity to advise the Queen of England that he wanted to ride in her gold leafed carriage. His trip to England has been cancelled, but even had it not been, there would be no carriage ride for Donald. Why not? Because he is not a king.

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July 23, 2017 · 6:45 am