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Opinion: Does the phrase “Stop Shooting Us” Equal “Cop Hater”?


Beyoncés-Super-BowlRecently, on Don Lemon’s CNN show, a police representative/spokesman  even had a problem with the graffiti in Beyoncé’s video (Formation) – which says: “Stop shooting us.”  That is now being viewed as a “cop-hating comment”.  How? And why? The plea for police officers to stop shooting and/or killing unarmed African-Americans can in no way be misconstrued to  mean anything other than a plea to please stop. It is not a cop hating slogan. So should African-Americans just accept being shot and killed by police? Of course not. Should they ask police to stop? Of course they should.  The fact is that some are seizing upon every iota of African-Americans who are speaking out against these murders, which includes a backlash against Black Lives Matter movement, also calling that cop-hating.  This is right out of the anti-civil rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s, and more notably, the covert attack strategy used by J.Edgar Hoover against the Black Panthers in the 1960’s. Speak up for justice – and suddenly – the speaker becomes a threat against the status quo.  Create a slogan – and suddenly it is deemed to be ‘racist hate speech’. Why is it that some have such a problem with African-Americans insisting that their lives do indeed matter and a simple request to “stop shooting us”?

The video of  ‘Formation’ is a celebration of not only African-American history, but Beyoncé’s own personal history, which includes her ties to New Orleans , with obvious references to hurricane Katrina. The song also references her love of her “negro nose”. The end of the video shows the phrase “Stop Killing Us”. You can view it for yourself here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTUDy59K9hQ:

No one yet has seemed to have a problem with Bruno Mars doing the same thing – matching her in color and leather – and with his dancers being dressed like the original and militant hip-hop artists. Apparently a man can make a statement via dress, but a woman cannot. Bruno mars Superbowl 16

The firestorm of controversy stems from the Beyoncé’s half-time performance and has become a social media frenzy. The frenzy, however, was created by Rudy Giuliani, ( is he ever going away?), and a police union saying that police will boycott her concert via refusing to provide security for the event. Beyoncé’s tribute to not only 50 year anniversary of the founding of The Black Panthers but also to Michael Jackson’s Super Bowl appearance, seems to have “offended” some people. Some of her now former fans have called the performance “disgusting”.  In fact, even though Beyoncé’s outfit was a direct replica of  the jacket which Michael Jackson wore during his historic Superbowl performance, they are saying that her outfit was a Black Panther uniform.  However – Huffington Post Style posted side-by-side photos and Beyoncé was also a friend of Michael Jackson.- so there’s that to refute and hopefully diffuse the controversy.michael-jackson-superbowl-performance

However, no such luck with the facts quieting things down. And it is getting even louder with groups such as the Bloods, The Crips, The Polynesian Panthers,The White Panthers, and Louis Farrakhan now offering to provide security for her if the police will not.

PBS has recently aired a documentary about The Black Panther Party of the 1960’s , (The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution),  it is both enlightening and heart breaking. And what J.Edgar Hoover did , (as now revealed in de-classified documents), is an outrage. These were kids aged 16-23. The truth is that they were never a group that were out to ‘get’ cops. The Black Panthers defended themselves against outrageous conduct – even having members being shot and killed in their sleep – and in their own defense – they defended their thresholds.

Amazingly, juxtaposed with the heated  debate over gun control with the counter-argument being assertive defense of the 2nd amendment – The Black Panther party gained notice for exercising their rights under the then California law, which permitted open-carry – a law just recently passed in Texas. (No recent governmental outrage, as the Black Panthers experienced, however, regarding  those who recently stood with loaded weapons outside of Muslim temples .) But the Black Panthers were, and continue to be, vilified, for asserting their 2nd amendment rights. The complete name was The Black Panther Party for self-defense. That self-defense included not only the right to bear arms, but free breakfast programs for children, and free medical clinics. Before you judge Beyoncé and what she was doing – first watch the PBS documentary – then read the lyrics to “Formation”, at that point, you will be sufficiently informed enough to make an independent opinion based upon your own information and not based upon the spin from the likes of Rudy Giuliani.


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Donald Trump: Making America “Hate Again”

Trum hate face

Donald Trump’s mantra is that,with him at the helm as President of the United States, he will make “America great again.”  But, it becomes increasingly clear that he will make “America hate again.”  There is an old proverbial saying that is akin to “birds of a feather, flock together‘, and, in the case of Trump, it is more appropriate: “Show me who you run with, and I’ll show you who you are.”  The Trump followers have engaged in racial slurs, violent attacks, and they cheer him on as he spews his venomous attacks.  Not many are willing to take him on – simply because the media continues to give him a free and unlimited ride, which translates into precluding those who are the subject of his hateful and biased attacks , very little opportunity to respond – thus leaving his misrepresentations lingering in the air – unanswered.

The Trump Supporters:

When an African-American  ‘Black Lives Matter‘ protester  spoke out – it was the Trump supporters who beat and kicked him like a mob – hurling racial epithets; and yet, instead of  repudiating the conduct – Trump said: “Maybe he needed to be roughed up.” No apology – thereby condoning the racist behavior. Hence – making America ‘hate again‘.

When a Muslim woman stood up during one of his ‘events’ as he began to degrade Muslims, she was escorted out by security – but she was also insulted with epithets as she was leaving by Trump supporters.  Trump, again, did not repudiate the conduct – but allowed his silence to encourage the misconduct in the future.

When an esteemed Mexican-American reporter from Telemundo pressed a question – he was escorted out of the room. A Trump supporter confronted the reporter and stated that he wanted the reporter “out of ”  his  “country”. The reporter responded by saying that it is “his country too “, and that he is an American. The Trump supporter shook his head indicating that it was not true. Why not? Because he is not White?  The reporter is indeed an American citizen. And yet again – Trump  did not repudiate the words and actions of his supporter, (which were widely reported and televised), – his silence condoning the inappropriate insults.

Trump referred to children of immigrants – whether legal or illegal as “anchor babies”.  With the use of that phrase, Trump not only  discredits , but  disparages  his own familial  lineage – since his own father was the son of an immigrant.  But the media failed to counter his comments with this public information. Trump disparages  everyone from military heroes to football players – even though he has never participated in either. Yet Americans whose religion is Islam have served with honor and distinction in the United States military, but Trump speaks of them with disdain.

His desire to “close the borders” to anyone who is not White  and conduct a massive round-up of Mexicans, makes it clear that his platform is bringing the racists and sexist from underneath their rocks and the hateful side of America is showing up at his rallies, glad for the opportunity to be openly racist.

His ignorance is apparently, in our opinion, as great as his wealth – for  he does not even know the difference between socialism and communism. He once referred to Bernie Sanders as a communist, and his ‘trumpets‘ booed as soon as he spoke the word ‘communism’ . Bernie Sanders has always been a ‘democratic-socialist’ – and that is a far cry from communism.   Trump, however, loves to use code and  dog whistles – seizing upon terms which his audience will immediately jeer or cheer.  That too is encouraging hate.  Does he not know that one of our allies, (Germany) is a socialistic country? Apparently not.

Along with all of the above,  are his grand and sweeping promises to do things, which in this country, he would have no authority to do.   Once during a public appearance before an audience primarily consisting of  law enforcement – he promised that he would see to it that anyone who killed a police officer would get the “death penalty” – of course there were cheers.  (Seemingly no trial would be involved – just the death penalty.)  The reality is that as President of the United States – he would have no authority to issue such an edict. He seems to be clueless that there is this little thing called the separation of powers within the Constitution of the United States of America.  Yet the media allows him to make these egregious and flawed statements without calling him out.

For those Americans who are proud of the gains made over the past 50 years – the words “great again” as spoken by Trump translate as “hate again”.  One look at his crowd is a jarring reminder of  just how far America has traveled from the hateful past which Trump is longing to see return.  That is a side of America which no reasonable and rational American wants for the future of this country.




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