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Opinion: Note to Trump:Do NOT Dare Re-victimize Hillary Clinton


Trum hate faceDonald Trump’s threat to bring up the past alleged affairs of Bill Clinton in response to his own is patently unfair and should not occur. Trump alleges that Hillary “bullied” the women with whom he was alleged to have had affairs. As if a woman dealing with infidelity has the responsibility to be ‘nice’ to any woman who has had an affair with her husband. He should be reminded of the occasion when Ivan Trump, his first wife, confronted Marla Maples on a snow-capped mountain. Ivana was definitely not nice to Marla. Trump eventually married Marla, the woman who was accused of having an affair with Trump while he was married to Ivana.

Those were difficult days for Hillary Clinton, and indeed, she was a victim. A victim of infidelity and betrayal. Jennifer Flowers, by her own admission was the mistress of Bill Clinton for 12 years, yet she said nothing until he dumped her in order to run for president. Hillary suffered in silence. Hillary continued to work with her husband on her marriage, unlike Trump, whose marriages appear to be revolving doors for younger models than the current wife. Hillary has had one marriage – unlike Trump who has had three.

It is Hillary Clinton who is running for president, not Bill. And, any sort of comparison between himself and Bill has nothing to do with the candidacy of Hillary. In fact, it is re-victimizing  Hillary via throwing a very painful time in her face regarding things over which she had no control.

Trump made the comments he made, and he cannot bring Hillary into that conversation. It is indeed, a sexist response, attempting to link her to the past indiscretions of her husband. Her response to those actions are not an issue either. Women do not seem to like women who have affairs with their husbands.

Trump would do best to leave Bill out of it during the debate, lest he be more embarrassed by his own actions that came out of his own mouth. Women do not want Hillary attacked for what Bill did. He paid a price for those actions, and so did Hillary. Leave Bill’s actions out of it – that will not justify your actions. And attacking Hillary will not erase your own words and actions.

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