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To Romney: What’s up with Freeport,IL?

Romney asserts himself as a “job creator”, and that he can create jobs.  Well, what is up with Freeport, IL?  He will clearly profit from the sale of the Sensata plant to China since he is a stockholder in Bain!  This is a clear indicator of the morals or lack thereof of Willard Mitt Romney.   Americans are losing their jobs at this plant despite the fact that this plant is making money and is productive! 

Romney acknowledges his visit to China.  This is when the company was sold.  Enter China.  China comes to Freeport, and the employees are forced to train the people from China.  The Chinese even took down the American flag.  Now, after working for decades, instead of a pension, the American employees will receive a six month severance check.  It’s a company town, so it will become a ghost town.

As a shareholder with significant holdings, Romney could stop this tragedy before it happens.  But, he dodges responsibility via denying anything to do with the day-to-day decisions of Bain.  What a cop-out! He has so much leverage with Bain that he need only to make a comment to one of his cronies.  But he hasn’t and he won’t, because it appears that the money earned from the sale of the Sensata plant will line his pockets via a blind trust held by his attorney.  His attorney.  And of course he never speaks with his attorney!  If anyone believes that, there are people who could successfully sell you not only a couple of bridges, but the planet Earth as well!

It is unclear as to why there is not a lot of media coverage regarding this issue.  The lack of such coverage is an outrage!  Romeny can not be allowed to escape responsibility for what is happening in Freeport, IL.

A question which would not beg an answer would be: What kind of shady things would he do if he were president?

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