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OPINION: Radar Recommends ‘Fringe’


Fringe (Photo credit: .noir photographer)


This series is one which you have to follow closely, and by no means can you start in the middle of the seasons, for you would not have a clue as to what is going on.  However, starting from season 1,  it is necessary to pay close attention.  The shows have an episode theme, but, within that is an ongoing theme, answering questions posed via either previous episode questions or remarkable foreshadowing.


Initially, the question which may first come to mind is: ‘What was the writer of this show smoking?’. That is only because the premise for the two themes are so unique and ‘out-of-the-box’ , that would seem to be a fitting question.  The truth is, the absolutely vivid imagination of the writers keeps you glued to the screen wondering just what will happen next.  Fortunately, (as it is with all well-written television shows), it does not sink to the level of predictability, nor is there any episode that is contrived or trite.  A great series for those who enjoy binge-watching.


This long running, sci-fi, thriller, action and adventure drama is highly recommended. All seasons are available on Netflix instant streaming and DVD.



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