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The narrative regarding Trayvon Martin is increasingly being controlled by those who support

Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman, just as the narrative of the events of that fateful night were controlled by him during the trial.  They say Trayvon was a thug and violent.  They say he loved to fight.  They say a lot of things about him that are hurtful to his family and friends.  But, there are things that they never say about him.

For example, when the defense team went into his phone, they only shared what they perceived to be negative with the public.  They failed to share that, also within his phone were applications to college.

They focus on his suspension from school.  But, Trayvon Martin had a 3.7  GPA, and was going to go to college on a full ride!

He loved horseback riding.   His friends described him as calm and ‘chill’.  Rachel, his friend said: “He’s the only person that didn’t make fun of me.”  He loved his family.  He loved education and loved to learn.  He loved basketball.  Here was a young man with promise, ready and able to pursue his dreams, and preparing to live his adult life.  Unfortunately, his life intersected with another person, a man named George, who, for no logical reason, saw Trayvon returning home, and immediately decided that Trayvon was “up to no good”.  Intersected with a man named George who had lost his way in pursuit of his own dreams, and, in a moment of attempting to fulfill those dreams to be a cop, extinguished the life and dreams of Trayvon Martin.

So when you hear people calling Trayvon Martin a ‘thug’, politely correct them and tell them about his GPA and his full ride scholarship.  That does not fit the profile of a thug. Why didn’t the defense attorneys show this photo of Trayvon? You know the answer, so please share it.

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