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Opinion: Note to Trump:Do NOT Dare Re-victimize Hillary Clinton


Trum hate faceDonald Trump’s threat to bring up the past alleged affairs of Bill Clinton in response to his own is patently unfair and should not occur. Trump alleges that Hillary “bullied” the women with whom he was alleged to have had affairs. As if a woman dealing with infidelity has the responsibility to be ‘nice’ to any woman who has had an affair with her husband. He should be reminded of the occasion when Ivan Trump, his first wife, confronted Marla Maples on a snow-capped mountain. Ivana was definitely not nice to Marla. Trump eventually married Marla, the woman who was accused of having an affair with Trump while he was married to Ivana.

Those were difficult days for Hillary Clinton, and indeed, she was a victim. A victim of infidelity and betrayal. Jennifer Flowers, by her own admission was the mistress of Bill Clinton for 12 years, yet she said nothing until he dumped her in order to run for president. Hillary suffered in silence. Hillary continued to work with her husband on her marriage, unlike Trump, whose marriages appear to be revolving doors for younger models than the current wife. Hillary has had one marriage – unlike Trump who has had three.

It is Hillary Clinton who is running for president, not Bill. And, any sort of comparison between himself and Bill has nothing to do with the candidacy of Hillary. In fact, it is re-victimizing  Hillary via throwing a very painful time in her face regarding things over which she had no control.

Trump made the comments he made, and he cannot bring Hillary into that conversation. It is indeed, a sexist response, attempting to link her to the past indiscretions of her husband. Her response to those actions are not an issue either. Women do not seem to like women who have affairs with their husbands.

Trump would do best to leave Bill out of it during the debate, lest he be more embarrassed by his own actions that came out of his own mouth. Women do not want Hillary attacked for what Bill did. He paid a price for those actions, and so did Hillary. Leave Bill’s actions out of it – that will not justify your actions. And attacking Hillary will not erase your own words and actions.

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Opinion: Khizir Khan’s Speech – What Trump Did Not Hear,But Should Have

khan's son

Capt. Humayun Khan

Equally disgusting as Trump’s response to Khizr Khan’s moving and heartfelt speech at the Democratic National Convention, was that of his surrogates who had the audacity to try to spin it. Someone should have told them that they were way off-topic. They attempt to accuse the Clinton campaign of using the family, yet, it was at their RNC convention, when another grieving mother took the stage, who not only insulted Hillary Clinton, but accused her of the murder of her son.

Soldier who stood and sluted during entire Khan speech

Soldier standing at salute during speech

Mr. & Mrs. Khan were , first and foremost, speaking up for their son and his legacy.But along with that, they were speaking out against Trump’s promise to ban all Muslims from coming into the United States. Mr. Khan, a United States citizen, who immigrated from Pakistan to the United States, was apparently outraged, and rightly so. His son, a captain in the United States military, was killed in 2004, during  his second tour of duty in Iraq.And he died a selfless death. And,  showing more respect than Trump or any of his surrogates, was the moving sight of a military vet, who stood at salute during the entire speech.

His mother, in subsequent interviews, shared a couple of her conversations with her son. One was when she said that since the date of his end-of-tour had ended, and she suggested he  should leave and come home. His response? He would not leave his troops since he was responsible for them, and no, those were not hollow words since he did indeed, die for them.   He placed himself between them and a bomb, saving not just the lives of his troops, but the lives of Iraqi citizens as well.

So Mr. Khan, outraged spoke out against Trump’s ban. His point? That he, as an immigrant, had produced a son who loved America so much, that he wanted to serve.That , had he  and his family not been allowed into the United States, then his son would not have been there to save the lives of all the others who would have perished that day. That the constitution was in direct contrast to what Trump was proposing. You cannot judge an entire religion for the evil actions of those who profess to have that belief, otherwise, there would be many people who profess to be Christians banned here and abroad. Clearly there are those who profess who are not in line with the religion which they claim.

Trump should ask those other soldiers who lived and their families how they feel about immigrants and the sons and daughters of immigrants. For clearly, they are deeply grateful.

His other message was that of a grieving father who felt that the memory of  his son and 14 other Muslim-Americans who were killed while serving in the United States military was being slandered and diminished. So he spoke truth to power and said it all when he said to Trump that he had “sacrificed nothing and no one”. And another way of putting it would be to say that Trump is not good enough to shine a pair  of Captain Khan’s shoes. Had he said that, he would have been right. (Trump only sought ways to not serve via getting via deferments .)

khizir khan with constitution

Khizr Khan with constitution

He made his case on behalf of immigrants quite well. The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, as well as freedom from religion. There is no religious test as to becoming an American citizen, nor should there be. It’s called: separation of church and state.

When Trump’s surrogates tried to spin and support the proposed ban as to being relative to terrorism, their voices rang hollow. They too failed to understand that this sort of blanket ban was in direct contradiction to the United States Constitution. What made it more ridiculous was the fact that the majority of mass murders in the United States have been committed by White Americans who professed to be Christians. So there’s that. And when the responses came from Trump and his cohorts, the Khans responded just as boldly and bravely as their son had acted on the day he died. The Khan family did not back down, and continued to speak out.

Trump did not hear freedom of religion. Trump did not hear Muslim-American soldier.Trump did not hear loyal and law-abiding citizens. All he heard was his own name. Nothing more. Trump did not see a grieving  mother who was too upset to speak, all he saw was a stereotype of a Muslim woman who must have not been “allowed” to speak. Trump’s responses to Mr. & Mrs Khan were disgraceful, lacked empathy, and were void of any human compassion. He should have followed the example of Hillary Clinton, who after being slandered and defamed by the mother of a soldier in Benghazi, said nothing. Not one word. Why not? Because she listened and she heard that mother’s pain.

Humayun_S__M__Khan tombstone                                                                   Donald Trump: Do you hear the Khan’s  now?

Here is Mr. Khan’s speech just in case you missed it.



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