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Radar Recommends : “Beasts Of No Nation”



A sleeper sitting in the Netflix queue, which, once viewed becomes the figurative awakened giant. Beasts of No Nation is a film based upon actual events presented in a way which can only be called uncompromising. The film successfully tackles the difficult subject regarding the slaughter of innocent people  in African whose children were then  abducted by guerrilla rebels, armed, and forced to become soldiers in a war which they were incapable of understanding. Children.  Literally.  But children who responded as would any adult – doing what they had to do in order to survive. When one understands that it is based upon true events – one can only mourn for the lost childhoods of so many.

The film provides incredible insight – and that must surely be based upon the horror stories of those young children who survived – for many did not survive.

It took a long time for the film to be made – as many did not see it as a commercial venture. However, it’s value as an historical reference is priceless. The makers had to stick to their guns in order to make the film which they wanted to make. Thank goodness for their tenacity.

From the beginning of the film, you are hooked and it is like a good read – you cannot stop watching. The action and the plot twists and turns will have you mesmerized.

The acting is superb and it is a story, although painful to watch, stays true to the events from which it was inspired. Idris Elba portrays a character that is far different from his ‘handsome-leading-man‘ roles – to the point that you may not initially recognize him in this role – literally.  The child actors present performances which would seem to be well beyond their actual years.  And yes, there will be occasions when your heart will break.

If you know nothing about the abducted child soldiers right now – your knowledge will sufficiently increase not just after watching this film, but while watching it.  Your emotions will rise and fall – anger,hope,fear – and more. And, there may be twinges of guilt as to the lack of action taken to protect and save these children from their fates in reality.

It is no wonder that the nominations have been pouring in for not only the film, but for the actors as well.  It is now out on DVD and streaming on Netflix with 3 million views so far.  It is worth the purchase of the DVD to have in your digital library.


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Raye’s Radar Recommends: TV series ‘Luther’

Luther (TV series)

Luther (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The UK television series “Luther” starring Idris Elba, is well worth the time to sit and watch it.  It is action+suspense+thriller+riveting+mesmerizing and it will hold you captive until the last episode ends!  Your roller-coaster ride will end with you wanting even more … immediately.


Both seasons are now available on DVD, and is also on Netflix instant streaming. Idris Elba portrays a brilliant, but flawed,  London detective.  The writers of the show keep you guessing, and with all the twists and turns, you do not get the opportunity to get ahead of the plots and/or figure it out before it happens.  In the arena of television dramas,  wondering what will happen next, and not being able to figure it out, is certainly refreshing.


The series is about to begin its third season, and since it is not easy to turn away from it,  you’ll be caught up in no time.   This from one who watched both seasons over a week-end!


No spoiler alerts from here.  Tempting, but no.  Check it out!



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