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Where is Senator John McCain’s voice now?  Where is his outrage?  He was so outraged by the loss of four American lives in Lybia that he took to the media to throw his political clout against Susan Rice, yet, he has failed to take a stand on the loss of lives in Newtown, Connecticut.  Apparently, he has crawled back into the woodwork where he belongs and should have stayed in the first place.

His silence is the height of hypocrisy.  He politicized the deaths of those Americans in Lybia to achieve a personal goal, (to get Scott Brown back into the senate), and that makes him not just a hypocrite, but a deceptive individual as well. There would be more respect for him had he just been honest, but no, he had to ruin the reputation and career of Susan Rice.    His true nature is now ever so clear, for were he so concerned about American lives as he pretended to be, his voice would have been the loudest regarding the loss of life at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Hopefully, the people of Massachusetts will not go for it, and will dump Scott Brown again during the upcoming special election.   And, hopefully, the press will not put another microphone in front of McCain again.  Here’s hoping that he holds a press conference in the future, and no one shows up.


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