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Deep within all of us, a new year is significant.  A time for new beginnings, leaving behind all the bad things of the year we are exiting, and moving forward towards new hopes, goals and ideas.  Within each of us, hopefully there remains hope for a better world, for peace, and for individual peace of mind.  The opportunity  to live out each day as best we can and to enjoy those whom we love.  Time  moves on, and,  it is time lost when one does not share it with  loved ones.  For, what is truly of significance is loving those whom we love. It is in their hearts and our own which they will move forward in time with us, even if they do not physically move on with us.

As we approach the end of an old year, and the beginning of a new one, let us not forget that there are many who did not make  it to this point.  Our celebration should include gratitude that we did, and empathy for those left behind by loved ones.  There is still a raging civil war in Syria, and the parents of those lost in Newtown continue to grieve for the ones they lost.

Moving forward, let’s learn from 2012, that we cannot take anything for granted. Not one second of any given day.  Pray for peace, and, pray for peace within the hearts of others.

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OPINION: NRA Refuses to Stand Down – They Double-down!

Broken Hearts - Google+ Cover Tribute

Broken Hearts – Google+ Cover Tribute (Photo credit: Daniel M. Reck)


It seems as if everyone was willing to give the NRA a chance to respond like normal people after the events at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. But, they did not.  Instead, they called for even more guns!


Even their members were moving in the opposite direction of the NRA.  But, even though most people in their membership were on board for some changes, not so the leadership.  So, maybe it is time that everyone, (including their members), start viewing the NRA as what they really seem to be.  Lobbyist for gun manufacturers.  So of course, the gun manufacturers want more guns, despite the fact that in almost every instance, there were armed people around during shootings of this sort, that is except for Sandy Hook.   And, the fact is that it made no difference at all.


The Senate is preparing a bill that will be designed to prohibit the sale of guns with the multi-bullet clip capacity and also re-instituting the automatic weapon ban that was in effect during the Clinton years, but signed away by the second President Bush.   That seems to be a good idea.  Years ago, Chris Rock had an idea: “put a huge tax on the bullets”.  That too, seems to be a good idea.


Remember the guy who was shooting at Fort Hood?  How many guns were on that base, and still, the guy was able to find a way to get around it.  Clearly, more guns are not the answer.  The NRA had an opportunity to work with the country. If they did not have something meaningful to contribute, then they should have remained silent … forever.  Now, they are having to deal with their membership falling apart, wondering if being a member means anything at all.  Especially those hunters who spoke up saying they did not need that sort of weaponry for hunting purposes.  Those members are starting to figure out that they are pawns who mean nothing to the NRA, because their dues cannot match the financial contributions of the gun manufacturers.  When enough of them recognize their true lack of importance to the NRA,  maybe the NRA will wake up and realize that their point of view is no longer valued … by anyone.  By then, though, the NRA’s influence will have vanished into thin air.




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