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Opinion: Should Bernie Sanders Get The ‘Black’ Vote?

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

African-Americans, first of all, are not monolithic, and there are numerous issues other than those based upon race which affect African-Americans. Bernie Sanders should not get the votes of African-Americans, due in large part to his view that racism would be solved by economic equality. That is an absurd and ludicrous response.  Tell that to the African-American doctor who gets pulled over by police for no reason or someone like Chris Rock who has taken to Twitter because of being pulled over by police on so many occasions. It is safe to say that affluent African-Americans and professional African-Americans would be hard pressed to understand exactly what he is talking about. After all, they are doing quite well economically. Sandra Bland was on her way to a new job when she was stopped and harassed by an alleged racist cop and later ended up dead in her cell, as have many other African-American women.  Trayvon Martin was about to enter college.  It is clear that Bernie Sanders has no clue and merely parrots what he has been told by staffers. Sanders is a smart man – and apparently a quick study as to statistics, and saying what Hillary Clinton has been saying since day one, but the statistic quotes sound empty – devoid of any real knowledge as to what is going on in America today.

One of his advisers is former Ohio state senator, Nina Turner. Ms. Turner was initially a supporter of Hillary Clinton, but switched to Sanders. One has to wonder if her switch was due to not having a prominent role in the Clinton campaign, or perhaps she saw him flounder on issues of race and truly wanted to help him. However, her rhetoric is recognizable in Bernie’s comments and sudden knowledge as to issues which impact African-Americans. He is still the ‘new kid on the block‘ and having been the senator from a predominately White constituency he cannot possibly know what he needs to know without help. He would be more credible if indeed he had spoken out on these issues over the years while he has been senator. He has not.  As he is learning, it is clear that he cares, but he has zero experience in dealing with these issues, while Hillary Clinton has been outspoken on these issues for as long as he has been in the senate.

To be clear – Bernie is not a racist. Yes he cares about all of these things – but his speeches and comments are basically repeating everything that Hillary has already said.  Repeating statistics are not enough – African-Americans already know the statistics – they live those statistics every single day. The statistics of lives being ruined because of being railroaded into prison has nothing to do with economics at all – because many of the lives that were ruined were of African-Americans who were living decent lives until they were falsely accused and wrongfully convicted and it had nothing to do with economics. One need only read the public files of the Innocence Project regarding those who have been exonerated of the crime for which they were convicted and did not commit.  True – some could not afford the best attorneys – but the issue is that they should never have been charged in the first place – not what happened after that time.  Being shot in the back eight times while running away has nothing to do with income inequality, but more with the hatred and reckless ,immoral disregard for life of the officer holding the gun.  The learning curve for Sanders is pretty high at this point. And he first has to admit that racism will not be resolved and eradicated  upon economic equality.

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