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Opinion: Was Jesus a ‘liberal’?

English: Sarah Palin Deutsch: Sarah Palin

English: Sarah Palin Deutsch: Sarah Palin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, during an interview, Sarah Palin expressed that she was “taken aback” with the new Pope‘s, (Pope Francis), policies.  Let’s see, he wants to focus more on helping the poor and disadvantaged, and take the focus off of the more controversial subjects.

It seems as if feeding the hungry and taking care of the sick and needy was her definition of a ‘liberal’ and she called him, and not in a flattering tone, “a liberal’.  But since the Pope is one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ as found within the Bible, one must ask the question as to the character and nature of the one  he follows.  Hence, the question: Was Jesus a liberal?  And if so, is that a bad thing?

Let’s see, he wanted to heal the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and visit the prisoners. Is that what makes someone a ‘liberal’?  If so, then surely he was a liberal and taught liberal teachings.  But what is so wrong with those things that they would prompt criticism and disdain from Ms. Palin? Is is that this Pope, (who, by the way, uses public transportation and refuses to live in the posh traditional Pope’s quarters), has decided to opt out of the judgmental edicts that for so long have plagued the Catholic church, and, has instead decided to focus on loving his fellow human beings and caring for them?  Is it that he has decided to not allow the Catholic church to become fodder for those who wish to judge others, but instead allow God to decide their fate?  There is indeed a passage in the Bible which clearly states that no person should place themselves in the judgment seat as it is reserved for God Himself.

So, if the Pope, in following the teachings of Jesus, makes him a liberal, then of course, it means that Jesus was also a liberal, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.  Unless, of course, you are Sarah Palin, who only sees the world in shades of blue and red, Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal.  Clearly, the Pope’s perspective is the most preferable.


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OPINION: Is Ted Cruz Out of His Tea Party Mind?

Ted Cruz - The Sheriff of Texas

Ted Cruz – The Sheriff of Texas (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)


Just when you think Ted Cruz will accept his recent political defeat, and fade away … at least for a little while, he comes up with something new to frustrate those who feel he should not even be a member of the United States Senate.


This time, he should have choked on his words!  He had the unmitigated gall to say that the ‘Stand Your Ground Laws’ are beneficial mostly to the African-American community!  And, adding insult to injury, Trayvon Martin‘s mother was in the hearing room.  Apparently, he has taken his callousness to an all new low.  Beneficial? Tell that to the parents of the two most recent victims of this law.  His comment was the equivalent of repeating the comments of those who attempt, in retrospect, to say that African-American slaves  were ‘happy’ on the plantations.


Ted Cruz apparently has no filter between his brain and his mouth. Unless when an apology is due, then he seems to think long and hard before he refuses to apologize.  An apology is due, not only to the parents of those two teenage victims, but to the African-American community as well.  A public apology and in writing!  He seems to like being in front of the cameras, so he should call a press conference and make the apology.  He needs to be made accountable for his nonsensical comments.   He seems to feel that pandering to the Tea Party will make him a ‘player’ and a ‘contender’ in the next presidential election.  He should pull Sarah Palin to the side and asked her just how that worked out for her in her failed bid for Vice-President of the United States.  The Tea Party backed her, and she lost … big time.  Sean Penn, (see link below), says that Ted Cruz should be committed to a mental asylum.  Apparently Mr. Penn is saying what a tremendous amount of people are thinking.



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