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A young patriot salutes heroes at the 2009 Nat...

A young patriot salutes heroes at the 2009 National Memorial Day Concert on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol. See more at (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  This issue has its proponents as well as critics, however, one thing is clear, the children brought here by their parents did not do anything wrong.  They had nothing to do with the decision to leave their home country.  Unfortunately, the press has not educated the public well enough, for these children are from all over the globe.   Their parents made a decision to leave their home country for purposes of providing their children with better opportunities in America.  So many of these children grew up pledging allegiance to the American flag.  This is the only country they have ever known, and a country they love dearly.  In their own hearts and minds, they are Americans. 

They have grown up with their parents living in the shadows, afraid that at any moment they will be sent to a country they know nothing about, and, a country whose culture and mores are totally foreign to them.   For that to happen would be patently unfair, because at that point, they would be unfairly punished for something which they had nothing to do with.  And, many of them were not even old enough to speak and/or remember how and when they arrived in America.  To them, this is their country and a mechanism via which they can become legitimate citizens is only fair.  Upon reading the DREAM  ACT, the conditions are not unreasonable.  Those who qualify would have to either go to college, serve in the military, or perform other forms of service to the country.

This ACT was created in Congress via a bi-partisan effort in 2001.  It has sat on the legislative shelf long enough.  It should be passed immediately and not held hostage by the right-wing of the Republican party any longer.  President Obama has urged Congress to pass the legislation, and now, based upon the results of the recent election, those who voted for Obama want this ACT passed, and that is indeed, the will of the people.

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TRUMP’S DUMP: Fifty-one code violations!!

Donald Trump, as to his Las Vegas restaurant, recently cited for numerous code violations, should be criminally charged, just for the poor conditions at his restaurant.  The violations cited can be found at the previous link.  Pretty disgusting.  Apparently, it should have been shut down a long time ago.  How many people got sick?  Who lodged a complaint?  A whistleblower perhaps?  (Probably one of the 47%.)

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